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Joshua Fireseed learns the truth of his Turok lineage and will bear the burden that comes with it.
Casey Jones is talked into tagging along with April on her assignments. He's looking to break something and she needs protecting. Based off the 1987 series.
... it's pretty explains itself lol :D
Different missions and endings to GTA3, all involving Claude
As Sarah goes back to collage, Kage-Maru goes with her. With the Hagakure clan gone, Kage finds another group who can make use of his skills. But for Kage, it’s all for Sarah.
Follow Camille and Caye Xinnex on a daring adventure that leads to a power no Jedi or Sith have ever seen before...

STAR WARS copyrighted by Lucasfilms and George Lucas
Characters owned by me, thank you very much
Just an idea I had, lemme know what you think.

And btw I borrowed the bad guys from actual myths lol

Also please make sure to check out the Q&A section (for background info on Hellfire), I'll be updating it periodically.
The heroes are back with a another problem An evil has spread yet again but only on the 3rd side of the earth in the old kingdom Tatel.
Four Light faries, one Dark, and the fate of all Fairy-Kind. What kind of Fairy/Adventure/Suspence Lover won't like this story?
This is my new fan story; Hopefully you'll like it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terra
Just read it. ^.^
Sequal to Forever Yours... Ark, Shadow's son, is 17 and falls in love... what will it take to win her heart?
What would you do if you awoke on the back of a great Snowy? What would you do if she asked you to save the owls? Diana and Jule must make their decision...
Welcome to Mercedes' Academy for Gifted Girls. Here, majic isn't just a word, it's the curriculum.
Romance, Action, comedy, poetry, Diary, where to place it? This story is going to be a published novel, but there is no specific genre to place it. It can be considered any of the ubove.
Meeting Jack Sparrow for the first time, through a scarry experience, Eve was not inpressed. But when danger comes her way she finds her only escape on the Black Pearl. Now piracy isn't that bad of a life. But just as Eve is settlign in she's shipped back
Magume is a young woman looking for a purpose and love,so she finds the Killer 7,and falls in love.But is love all that she wants from the Killer 7.
a water bending princess that zuko realy likes falls out of the sky with her pet it is now an adventure through magix and zuko's ship if she gets home
Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.
Argothan is a simple boy who lives in the peaceful village of Waterdale. He has a good life. This all changes when the evil Lord Morganite attacks his village and all that he has loved. His adventure begins!
5 years after Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, Zelda is being forced to marry and Link is in Terminia. Gannondorf breaks the seal keeping him in the sacred realm.