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read and you'll find out.
3 jewels apart r nothing...
when together they hold unspeakable power...
one child born of 2 different worlds...
can she be the true heir to the jewels....
but can she defeat thoses who stand before her..
Haruhi Fujioka starts off to a new school... for cartoon characters. This is where they learn to become one with their inner toon and find where they belong before they get adopted to a show. Then someone begans posioning the toons. Can it be stopped?
full of awsomeness
it starts out a bit off, then some romance then later some fighting. so it''ll gets better.
Well here is the sequel to "Gone like the Petals of a Cherry Blossom"! Sakura has left to find her father''s killer. What will Sasuke and Naruto and the others do?
hehe i got board and will ecept some people
story abut my fav char!
Well basically about a girl anime charecter and she has a hard life but then she gets herself a suprise...
A One-shot for R.R.

Senshi has been putting thoughts in Jay's head. It's up to Danny to make her think differently.
Yuna and a Chocobo...
a script i amde for my senior one act.
ok well basically these are all words i have used in my fanfiction stories if any of you folks are confused about what a japanese word is just look up the term in here and if it isnt in here ask me to post it and i will do so! ^_^ hope this helps!
A story about Yami saying godbye to Tea the nigth before he leave.. really shot story but still cute ^^
This is my new fan story; Hopefully you'll like it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terra
any random anime character talks to me and answers ur Questions.........its so random u dont know what to expect!
Someone is finally able to enter the world of Anime!! The only problem is...
The "chosen one" doesn't even know what Anime is, nor care for it.
Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever original creation; HADES, a dark fantasy/romance! In this ‘Yo Hades!’ section I’ll take you behind the scenes with notes on character profiles, background story and other stuff. Please enjoy ^^v

Its here, the thing we've all been waiting for, the most dramatic story yet, ages change, people are older, personalities differ,be ready for the most thrilling, action packed anime fantasy yet!The sequel to..A big mistake!(C) Tkxkari224
what do anime and manga characters do friday night? Go to a Karaoke club of course! Characters will confess secrets, love, or just plain get laughed at.
more details in story
These are my oc's
Thanks to Naruto Sasuke, Anna, and Naruto are locked in a classroom. Will anyone come to help them or will they have to servive the night alone with each other? What will they do for entertainment and what secrets will be revealed. OneShot and no lemon.
This is where I store all my O.C's for people to use on occasions.(I think i spelled Occasions wrong)
You know the pain I feel. You know my painful memories. You know I'm on a mission for revenge and to find what is lost. You know it's dangerous. You know I'm a wreck. Yet you still stay close. Why?

I'll be here for you. Forever...