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[ONESHOT] He again looked at her, and there, suddenly – for a few, precious moments – all of the hate had been drained from his face. And he was beautiful.
something i wrote yesterday when i was thinking and crying
ONE SHOT. Sasuke pleeds for forgiveness the only way he can.
Thrown into a strange new world, will a normal girl be able to find her way home with the help of those she meets along her journey?

Original Story by Me, Draco. All characters are copyright to me.
i've just felt this way for a while, and i kinda needed to get it out of my system...sorry if it's not that great. i want to be able to write poetry better esp for ap eng next year. please tell me wot you think of it=]
i did this poem for a poetry project in english, and my mum and the teacher liked it and said that they could relate, so i thought i'd put it up here and see wot y'all think of it too.
Well it's sorta crappy, but it tells bout K.O's past
[The story of cheese]. This is a melodrama I wrote for the first of my two Theater Arts classes. This is the story of a man named Louis and his Dairy Products. Short and sweet, but kinda funny :P.
A poem I randomly came up with, it reminds me of Mithos, please enjoy!
A random poem I amde up when I was bored
its pretty sad
maybe it'll jerk a few tears from you
who knows

(sorry if this is like anyone else's poem! I didn't mean to!)
A collection of little ficlets dedicated to the lesser known pairings of Xiaolin Showdown. I will take couple requests!
Jack is feeling sick. Chase is feeling playful. A newfangled remedy is discovered. (Chase/Jack)
And Jack's pretty darn sick of it, too. (Jack/Chase)
It was the final showdown. But why should he mourn? After all, the Chase Young he had known was already dead. (Guan/Chase)
Dashi, Chase, Guan, Wuya. Four very different people who were once held together by a powerful bond of friendship and love. This is the chronicle of their lives: the events that brought them together, and the events that tore them apart.
I wrote this based on an instance that happened not too long ago. It meant so much to me and inspired me a great deal, so I wrote this short little story about my experience and feelings.
Ohnoes! A H*R fanfic!?

Yup. Be prepared for the random.
And yes, they're humanish in this story.
Or part of the story, anyway.

We were making fun of Soccer players obviously
Obi-Wan's lover is confused and upset. She has been having too many negative thoughts about his feelings for her. Of course Obi-Wan comes to stop these thoughts. (set during the prequel saga, episode II) (Based on my picture called Alira)
I FIXED DA GLITCHES!!! So here it is, The Ryuu Archives. Anything and everything you need or want to know about that random little dragon, and the occasional random bit of information that has absolutely nothing to do with him.
[ONESHOT]  Play-Based.    Doody has never been the forward kind, but when he asks Frenchy to the movies, he's determined to make things change ... at least he hopes to ...    Doody/Frenchy.
This is for Ferret_avitar22, and im sry its taken SO long but here it is.

This is about Cyrus Riddle and Kit Johnson...and stufz that happens at hogwarts. Marauder era.

Sorry for ANY spelling/grammar issues.
[ONESHOT][SONGFIC] "We'll be halfway to anywhere, where love is more than just your name ... "
Snow is not often seen in Verona and if it is, special things happen. Can cold snow start the warmth of love? Mercutio/Benvolio One-Shot
With Aang and Sokka gone, Katara comes in contact with a close enemy. (my story)