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Excerpts from a story about trying to save the world... from itself.
Random poems. Starting writing them again, might continue for a while. So yeah! Poems about lots of . . . well, lots of whatever falls into my head when I sit down to write. Enjoy!
A love story, kinda, between Yinyangprincess' oc, Haley, and my oc, Johnny. :) please enjoy
I didn't write this, my friend Mashes-the Slytherin Queen on did, but it's just too funny, so I decided to post it here for anyone who cares ^^'
Okies well this is a introduction for my character Shurui Minazuki is Mai's story Love's Divine plz comment and let me know what you think ^_^
This was a paper i was assigned to write for my Algebra 2 class. I made a 100% on it, so please read about the life of Euclid of Alexandria and enjoy!
it's about a guy that's alone in the world.
Just wrote this when I was feeling angry

Ok now first of all please do not take offense if there are people out there who might take offense.
ok heres the run down : lit story, based on lots of stories, had to do for school, plz comment, give title ^ ^
this is the fairy/horror tale feeling beginning of the Demented Dollz story. very short and not very discriptive. course its not sopposed to be!

...warning I have horrible spelling and grammer :(
Tails invented a cool time machine that could travel both back to the past and foreward to the future. Sonic and Knuckles both said that time travel is a waste of time and stupid. Amy worries about being stuck in time, not getting back and the possibilt
Heey yall!! I'm gunna try and redo the story^^ No offence, but my 11year old writing sucked!!!! So, enjoy the edits! (working hard on every chapter today =D)
Please comment I need all the help I can get! lol Tell me where I need to improve and everything! Please I hope it's ok!
One night, Sonic looks up to see a falling star. But, it is actually something very, very, different. As it crashes in a field nearby, he finds Tails and looks to check it out. (This is my first story okay? If you don't like it, tell me.)
just something i wrote about my girl. what do you guys think? just more songs, that i hope to finish someday ^^
This is a story about a 16 year old guy with powers! It's got spirits, and well....stuff! I tried hard on this one so please check it out!
Just a bunch of songs that`ll probably never be sung... They would have collected dust in my journal,but I decided to post a few ^^
finally,you can find out what Naruto creators had to think about while creating the names for their manga and anime =)

~Sorry...this is my first story, I hope whoever reads this will enjoy it. This is my own work and...yeah, I just made up these characters and stuff. Umm...I hope I get better as I write more so..
Jack (Me in other words, LOL)
It was a normal day in Mossdeep City & Jack was takin a stroll when he was greeted.
Ash: Hi, I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town
May: I'm May
Jack: Is he your boyfriend?
May: That
ookiiess...a song i wrote O.o
This is about a time when I was ripped between more than one guys that I loved equally.......(*Don`t take it the wrong way,I wasn`t cheating on either of them*)
The LuCana, god of dragons, has been locked away, dorment inside his own soul for many thousands of years. The empire of Hexia, advanced race of planet conquring beings, have found out about this adn plan on controling him as a weapon...