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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
I thought it would be funny to make a random commic about Organization Thirteen. So I did. This is just the writing the commic is going to be based on, then I'll draw it when I have the time.
Caria's birthday comes up. What will she think of Jeff's present?
I can't believe he's gone... It's just way to shocking... Rest in peace: Chris Benoit and family.

Okay. I feel bad cuz I haven't been submitting here. Okay. In this have to guess which character I'm writing about by just viewing their POV, and if you want extra points you need to get the song right too. THIS IS A CONTEST!!!
Ok, this is for Linally!!! LOVE YOU!!!
Hacker and Spider go to the amusement park....heeheee....
Raoul has a meeting with the Council and Mars in the morning, so he deals with it the only way possible: Getting high.
Hacker and Spider both had the curiousity of puppies. They were both curious about what it would feel like to kiss another boy. (God I suck, Hacker and Spider are children, Ember...)
just read it scott
this is for scott
i wrote this for scott and i think many other peopl feel this way about the people they love
this is what i think everyone should read, because just because i self harm does NOT make me a bad person, i have tried to stop but its not that easy
This is a show where the Harry Potter gang talk about NOTHING! My friends wrote this I just typed it. So thank them, not me. Thank me too, do that. Email me at ok? Ok. Now that we're on the same page here.....on to the story.
Deidara is has been convinced that he doesn't exist anymore, that he should die. Sasori has a special ability called telepathy. I am sorry for the excess chappies...Really Sorry! Sasori needs to convince Deidara that he does belong here on this Earth befo
Yuki's busy on his new story. However, when a storm outside scares a certain someone, Yuki can't fight his brotherly instincts to go and make it all better.
This is basically what would happen if we turned all of our chars into monster things. XD! It has no plot or purpose at all.
It is just something that popped into my head and I thought it would be cool. It is basically about a private school for girls, but there is a dark secret behind it.
I've always wondered what it be like to live with the WWE Superstars. So i wrote this
Spider is mad after he sees what he thinks is Hacker kissing another guy. Spider and Hacker's argument makes Kat angry so she lectures Spider. Spider goes to apologize but it turns into something that could hurt Hacker worse than an arguement.
Cheesy title...this is a fan fic about two of my made up characters....HACKER AND SPIDER!!! Anyway..Hacker feels rejected, so he starts to stay in his room more and more. Spider begins to worry about his best friend. Shonen ai.
Made for my friend Sam and COMPLETED! Ooh yeah i rock! x3
Heres a list of SOME of my storys.
Dedicated to Narufan. A Zaku/Dosu fanfic...this couple is ok i guess...but since there are hardly any Zaku/Dosu fanwork...Narufan wanted me to write some. And so I did! I hope you like it, Narufan-San!!!