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Prince Ennwn has been sheltered all his life until his 18th birthday where he's thrust the responsibility of being the King and then kidnapped! Now he must team up with a poor thief from his kingdom and get away safely and make it to 'Wonderland'.
Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever original creation; HADES, a dark fantasy/romance! In this ‘Yo Hades!’ section I’ll take you behind the scenes with notes on character profiles, background story and other stuff. Please enjoy ^^v

Thrown into a strange new world, will a normal girl be able to find her way home with the help of those she meets along her journey?

Original Story by Me, Draco. All characters are copyright to me.
A continuation to Buried Secrets. Kodi vows to never love again...but the new addition to the dog team may make him break his vow.
A poem I randomly came up with, it reminds me of Mithos, please enjoy!
Vampires, Demons, a 3rd world, When Heisan Al and ed get thrown in to a demon infested world what new threats will they face. Eventually AlXALXOC rated for violence lang and sexual themes in l8r chapers AU/AR,Bi,F/M/M,Lime,OC,WIP
A random poem I amde up when I was bored
its pretty sad
maybe it'll jerk a few tears from you
who knows

(sorry if this is like anyone else's poem! I didn't mean to!)
Dear comrades, this is my first English-language fic! Fanfiction about Rath’s bad day.
This is comedy.
A sequel to "Unknown Paths" where Amadeus must meet Motoko's family. 
I wrote this based on an instance that happened not too long ago. It meant so much to me and inspired me a great deal, so I wrote this short little story about my experience and feelings.
I found out that I could just make a book on here for my poetry so now I'm doing it. Get over it wussies! Muahahahahaha! Yeah.
This is a poem that was in my diary. ^_^ So you guys can't read this. Muahahahahahahaaha! No but really. I just typed it up today, and I guess I'm going to be writing poetry...but still drawing because drawing is more funner. heh heh...bad grammar is fun. But lets see, this is about me and what goes on through my mind. Alot. Cause I'm violent like that. ^^
It doesn't matter who you are, or what powers you possess, someone will always find a way to trap you in a closet. ShadiIsis
Ohnoes! A H*R fanfic!?

Yup. Be prepared for the random.
And yes, they're humanish in this story.
Or part of the story, anyway.

Well, this is actually a poem that goes with the story I have posted right now call "Ice and Snow" if you can guess who's thoughts the poem dictates I will give you a pat on the back as well as some rock candy. ^_^ Please review and check out my story too
A simple short, ironic, short story.

If you've ever played Planescape: Tormet, and been to the Brothel, talked to the Tale-Chaser and had Morte share a story, that's the inspiration for it. :)
We were making fun of Soccer players obviously Go comment at deviantART, pretty please!! :D

This, needless to say, is based on The Magic. You'll learn more about that later.
I want to thank Infusions for inspiring a tidbit of this - the first customer
Misa thanks L after Raito is released from the chains that binded him to the detective.
Oh well, my little girl just finished her first year of kindergarten, and she had a pretty rough year...Kids are fracking mean....So anyhoo, I wrote this for her, but also for anyone who loves anyone..(confession: I wish to hear it from someone as well as
People don't act a certain way without a reason, and Sissi is no exception. She has felt wronged for a very long time, and now she's ready to apologize for her own wrongs.
This is my original idea for my manga angel crisis read it and maybe it'll be a hit one day!~Amaya-Chan
I FIXED DA GLITCHES!!! So here it is, The Ryuu Archives. Anything and everything you need or want to know about that random little dragon, and the occasional random bit of information that has absolutely nothing to do with him.
Fairytales were never meant to have happy endings, they're warning of the past. Hidden in Cephiro's past is a deadly secret, whatever does happen to those who fail the Test? Where do they go,what becomes of them,what vengence do they seek?
Yuki's busy on his new story. However, when a storm outside scares a certain someone, Yuki can't fight his brotherly instincts to go and make it all better.