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This will be a little different than most stories, in the fact that it doesn't follow a specific storyline and instead follows small bits and pieces from a specific timeline, each chapter being its own story.
This is the background story of one of my characters. My friend wanted me to type it up in some way so I chose book form. Sort of.

This is my first real story ever so try to be nice since it''s not very good.
In a storm this character experances unexplainable actions and happenings around her. To find out what happens keep reading and enjoy.

(this short story was rewritten and changed, please enjoy the newest version of The Storm)
Okay....So It''s easier to post all my quizzes here...instead of put them in my blogs...AND YEAH....
This is a list and description of all Of my Characters! So maybe someone would like to give me gift artz? ;P
Have you ever been dancing, and you heard the bells ring? We implore you, never stop your dancing to look for the bells... if you do, you will die.
Just a typical day for Maka Albarn and Death the Kid... But will it lead to the revealing of mixed feelings, jealously, and pain?
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjack baby ;)
A story about Edward.
Nothing more.

This = Voices
This = Edward''''s thoughts
CAPS = Screams and stuff ofc
there is a light
xD I just felt liek Writing a storeh
about Hikari and my other characers!

Also Some naruto characters will
be in there.. and yeah I dont
own thoes! ^^
...just read it.
Yeah This is a list of stuff that remind me
that im naruto Obsessed! xD

this is different to what I usually write. It's sort of fantasy, and a love story too. I don't know what I think of it, I'm a little unsure. I wrote this when I had a lot going on, too, so it is based upon my very deep, personal feelings...^^"
Izzy-Chan and Taylour lived a fairly normal life....until strange thngs started happening, and they got transported to an alternate dimension. Now they must run from a vengeful villan!
A story about a young man with a terrible fear of flying, but he is forced to go see his sick aunt and take a small charter plane. While flying his worst fear comes true.
It's part of my story, S.S.

I have alot of them... Have fun looking at these...
After defeating Isl and Zom in a battle for the universe, Lucy is back on Earth, still trying to control it with the help of her brother, Zim. But something is different this time. Everything she knows seems to be backwards.
Yes this is an OC story so please don't bash her.
Characters are owned by Square Enix
The random things to do at school. Yes I know that there are lots of these thing but oh well.
...not sure, i have mixed emtions now. I feel so confused, gone for so long as well.
this story is told from seven different point of views. they change every chaoter. here is who they are;
leopardface, mousefoot, smokebird, ceadertail, littlepaw, gorsespring and tigerstreak.
Mikazuki just gotten her uncle arrested, now she's leaving for the leaf village, how will she live with change? And will her Uncle Yukio ever find a new boyfriend?