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I got bored yesterday, so I decided to write a fanfiction for Fatal Frame 2. I put my own characters into the world and some of it sounds similar to the origional. I didn''t intend that. Tell me if you would like to read more!
SPECTRE team, a squad of the elite mutated soldiers. Follow theie struggle against the chimera, aliens bent on domination of the earth. Thrills and spills wait in this action packed story of comradeship and strength against the darkest situations.
Cute scene of my SC created character, with Raphael Sorel - she doesn't know French, but he does!

Shadowmitsu/Sha-mitsu, and story © me / DarthPhoenix17.

Raphael Sorel, Yoshimitsu, and Soul Calibur © Namco.
True story yes. This happened to me, and I thought almost about every thing the poor RED Sniper says.

Stupid good-aimed scouts and there stupid critting scatter guns.
heres my second book. hope you enjoy. if you didnt read the first you wont get this one. hope you enjoy!
I know this goes completely against my nature, but I'm gonna write a story that dosen't have Roxas:( *sobs*, Riku and Kairi.
This is based from the beginning - to the end, of The Lion King.(including when Sora comes to the pride lands)
After the adventure to 'The World That Never Was' things were a little more exciting with Roxas and I. But the fun would really start in the not to distant future when Sora and Sky would return...
Yesssssssss, Digimon Destiny 2 is here! Join the gang for their next biggest adventure in the Digital World ^^
Is this about a technique for reforming delinquints? It is a dubious joke about homosexuality? Nope, it's just a nice moment between Numbuh Two and his crazy new friend, Laura Limpin!
The second story in my series.

It's been a month since Kay and her friends transferred, and lately she has been getting depressed but nobody knows why. Will she be ok in the end?

Pairings: Duke x Tiffany Bri x Honda Tori x Yami Bakura
Ok I Had Yet Another Random Idea Pop Into My Uncontrollable Crazy Mind. So I Hope You Like It.
P.S Its A Bit Like Boy/Girl Thing, Just More Kingdom Hearty. ^-^
sad story just think if this happend to ur loved one
when eleven teenagers relizes that there world is connected
a girl named ally & her friends will go on a journey that they'll never forget.but while the journey continues,ally's memory comes back.what really DID happen & why?
 When Alex finds a box of old letters from his grandfather in the attic of their house, he begins to read them not realizing they will change the way he looks at the world forever.
 As World War II spreads across Europe, a small family in Germany is
an epic story where good v.s. evil our heroes now having children they have a new generation of shaman. from the future 2047..we now go back in time to the year 2006 please enjoy!
Jak meets a prisoner on run form the crimson guards.
I don't see many fanfics with this pairing and decided to make my own fanfic.
Rikku/Paine pairing.
ok well Cyclone isnt in this one but it has some interesting parts.
Gay marriages shocked the world. Is it just a fad that will soon end with broken beliefs and hurt feelings?
A Made Up Story About Kingdom Hearts 2
Rivalry Between Friends.. CHECK OUT MY PROFILE PLEASE. This aint finished btw