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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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This is a story I recently thought up.
A game inspired me to make this.
Just a little something....
A poem I thought up, based on the song "Rise" by Origa.
Basically, My OC's for a Fic that KillAllChavs is doing.
Yes, It's based off of the 3DG song.
Alrighty, so my random story that i have been writing for the passed little while..its really simple and my first fanfic, so it doesnt contain any of the stuff that i usually love to read but yeah, its based on a dream i had..
based off of charlie goes to candy mountain but with a twilight twist Note I do not own twilight or charlie
When I'm bored...THIS is what happens. I have decided to create this um..."story" to show you all how psycho a person can be! :D
Content HOTNESS!!!!!

Elricest!! [Ed x Al]
Tnis is a what you get when you have two bored girls, one guitar and One girl getting over a break up XP

And yes this song was made up on the spot! oO;
Well..heres a couple of poems I put together..
Please comment and tell me what you think..
Ok peoples this is a REALLY random story that I started when I was at camp. The food was really disguesting so to entertain us we wetn random! A girl even kissed meO_o.
This story has no relavence to anything at all.
Espero que les guste mi version del Padre Nuestro... por favor no se vayan a sentir en algunas partes se habla mal de la religion... ^^;
10 things to do when your faced with those problems ^_^ (mwhahahahahaahahahahahhaah..............................HA!!!
this happened to me along time ago... it was scary because i dunno what happened really.
well, i was bored and i call lots of guys at my school these names... dont ask me how i came up with all the telly tubby mr wiggles stuff. i have a younger brother.
A magic short story about love I wrote last year for a contest!!! plz read it and give me your opinion!!
hey I re submitted it because A: there were so many spelling mistakes B: it didn't appear in my gallery anyway I fixed the spelling errors. it's slow at the start then again I did it at 6:30 in the morning
kiarie has always had a heart of gold this proves it OMG WHY IS THIS STORY SO POPULAR I THINK IT SUCKS 0_0
its about a young girl bout 12
shes an explorer and shes in the sahahra desert when she comes across a creature.
It is my oc and darkblaze06's oc. plz enjoy!!!
when u do this, your a real shaman king fanatic.
Hao needs money so he opens up a day care, let's see how good he is with kids *evil smile*
This contains lists of obbsessions alot of people seem to have with certain Anime/Mangas.