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A description of my Sonic OC, Ekyt, whom I haven't used in years! I'm reviving him for two stories, one of which is a co-op fic with my friend, Shadowthe_Hedgehog!
My OC and Sakura both overcome some swimsuit shyness, with a little help from Naruto. Simple little one-shot to kick off summer!
A brief love story between my OC, Yuji, and Sakura. Their love comes about in a very different way than my previous fics. Please comment and enjoy!
A fatalistic boy meets a similar girl, and an attraction just sort of happens. Kept my usual OC names.
An incident affects the future of Deep Space Nine. This future must be avoided at all costs. One man who has lost everything will be the one to end the threat this future poses- at any cost.
What if Haruhi had read Shakugan no Shana and thought, just for a moment, of what would happen if Flame Hazes were real?
A mix of Shakugan no Shana and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
These are my newest characters, Ever since ive got back into the game
this is a list of fearsome and powerful monsters of my own creation
Just a short drabble about my Eragon OC, Valefor and Murtagh. Contains slash. If you''re not into it, you''re crazy...I mean, then don''t read.
So, the start of the new series. Based around Monday Night Combat. So, the template you can copy and you can check the FNA Lists to see the available spaces. I shall go over it, and then tell you if it''s list-worthy or not. So, enjoy.
Listen up!
The Racoon Brigade Needs You!
Or Your OCs!
please copy and paste the bio into the comments and your characters will be drawn along side the current members of the Racoon Brigade.
Thanks a bunch!!!
Joshua Scarlet
Bio of the characters from my series Kimiuharashi
It seems that blood soaked chapter of the invasion on Demonic''''s organization is ready to be forgotten. However, one refuses to forget, much less, to forgive.
i was thinking. how would a battle between Cynthia and my oc Legion would go. theres only one way to find out.... FIGHT!
these are all my pokemon oc
some are appearing in ladychaos'' story the darkside of the moon
reasons why some GA characters are or worse then azumanga characters
Oh man, you''ve got''ve been seeing this one coming.XD

All characters belong to everyone who owns them.
It''''s been 5 years since the Dark Lord has fallen. The war was heavy on many, especially heroes Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. But can a chance of fate once again mend their lives to how it used to be?
This is the cast from my side of the world.XD

Template is property of Chaoscontroler1992.
Deleted this, sorry.^^'''

Title says it all.
Onyx and his friends are back! only this time a new evil aproaches and threatining Emerald Cove: Paradise of All Sonic OC's.
Izzy-Chan and Taylour lived a fairly normal life....until strange thngs started happening, and they got transported to an alternate dimension. Now they must run from a vengeful villan!
The many songs I have made up
All the enemies descriptions are in here.
My creative writing stories. I have my fright fair project, character story, and superhero story.