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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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While it is technically an unfinished story start, I decided that it was something I liked and so have kept it.
I read it as an open-ended short story although it was not the original intention.
It was something I found on my memory stick from a few months ago, making it a hell of alot more recent than any of my other work. The name was something I thought up just to put it up on here when the thought crossed my mind, it's loosely based on the piece.
In which the Homestuck characters are descendents of the Final Fantasy 7 heroes.
This got good reception on deviantART ( and Archive of Our Own (, so I figured I'd post it up here, too.
A really long short story for creative writing class.
A Queen and her Heir are holding a tournament and Gala. Not everything goes according to plan.
Charlotte and Zell are in love but the prophecy says that she will kill the one she loves to destroy them all. They decide to find a way to destroy the enemy without having to kill one another. Will they find a way?
I head into space trying to explore a new galaxy, what horrors await me?... (this story was saturday detention work)
Desert adventurer encounters dangerous inhabitants.
Dragon, mountain, village, Story
Got to get back to you on that.
Zombie Flan...bbbbrrraaaiiinnnsssssssssss
hunt yayyyyyy
I don't remember how it happened. How i got here. Or where I'm going. I just know, I'm running, because if I slow down, I'm dead.
Yuna and a Chocobo...
Hay a new place to put all my random song parodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to WonderLand City. A place of magic and adventure. Here, the ones known as Alys keep order between the humans and the beings called White Rabits.
YAYAYAY my poetry shtuff!!!!

read my sonnets and limeriks, por favor!!!
This is a story of my own creation. All characters are my own-or people I know. Yes, I made up my own language. I know it's a cliche. Meh.
Myess, I know, you're wondering why there isn't a second one. Well, that's because that Advent Children and I wanted to start on my own storyline: Recognition. In this one Sun realizes her past. Tell me if u likey!!!
The main char of this fanfic is a dark brown tabby named Hawkstorm, who has one green eye, one blue eye, and a father named Hawkfrost. She is the daughter of Leopardstar as well.
Sisters Jazmyn and Joisan are torn out of their 'normal' world and thrown into chaos when someone finds out they were part of the 'angel' experiment that started almost 20 years ago.
This is funny-ish. Not too funny, but I think anyone who likes FF7 will like it.
Just a little story object thing I thought up in my spare time. Nothing that extravagant.
Welcome to Mercedes' Academy for Gifted Girls. Here, majic isn't just a word, it's the curriculum.
An old friend of Sam comes to visit, and strange things begin to happen. Vampires, werewolves, and ghostboys, oh my!