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There are many days... but the reality is that each day comes only once a year. Some of those days are so important, that people throw away their routines just to relish those few short hours. Such a day was coming for Zelda... [oneshot] [LxZ]
Zelda almost lifted Link’s hand to kiss it, but restrained herself from doing so. Their relationship wasn’t so deep as to fill the hole with a million scarlet roses. Instead, she offered him her sweetest smile and wished him well. [One shot]
A call from the abyss, the awakening of the forbidden… The chasm of darkness grows as he learns to love her, who is cursed by a demon… and the wings of shadow envelop him like a shroud. It is the beckoning of Winged Darknes… [LxZ] R&R! :D
Sonic's adventure continues as he was having nightmares about he was going to change into his dark super form someday.
Dear comrades, this is my first English-language fic! Fanfiction about Rath’s bad day.
This is comedy.
Just some random story about Presea, who has an Extremely impropriate crush on Lloyd. I'm so gonna get flamed for this story. Not really sure which pairings that's in this story but I think it's PreseaXLloyd and ColetteXLloyd.
Sonic discovered a new lifeform at the Space Colony ARK, Light the Hedgehog. While releasing him, they soon find out that he is Shadow's brother.
Yeah. . .Just some random angsty stuff I wrote. . .Oneshot . . . PLEASE no bashing ;_;
My poetry.
my first poem on FAC and it sorta sad... its about a girl who likes a guy and the guy does but he doesn't wanna let it show... it drives them both to suicide... dun really know wat made me write this...
She had been in the darkness, battered and oppressed, until he brought her out and showed her the other side, where the sun bathes all in its golden light... Mario/Vivian
Her name is Aurelia.
She is the princess of Angel Land, destined to become the Orchid Angel of Peace. She hates sitting around doing nothing, and so she trains in the art of war against her mother's wishes. She's a skilled archer, and is also part of a s
I was fooling around on msn one day- this is the result (Including Dearly_beloved's comentary)

Alex is in love. He think the're the "One". Only one problem: his true love is hunk of cheese...And a certain someone is jealous....
The Tale of a young teenage girl named Jade, who lost her parents to a group of enimies that call themselves "Illusion". Now...she has a rather weird adventure in front of her.
frack man...just...GIVE MEH A COOKIE!...dooky doo!o_o;UNRATED....but you still can see it Im just to lazy to rate it xD
A poem about Alice and Wonderland....but a darker side of Alice....kinda like American Mcgee's Alice
I will add your charaters :3
No idea o-o;;;
The Fire Continent is covered in snow, and Sierra, Marth, and Roy think that the Water Continent is responsible. Can they get through this escapade? And Ariella's distant cousin? Find out in SMR 2!
What DOES that four-letter word really mean? On Valentine's Day, the concept of love is spelled out clearly for Roy in a trial of clues left by his lover.
this is what i wanted to do, and i took an Hour! starring my best friend's fan character Cappy from Cappy1709, It's also about When the Sonic team was peeping on dreams, and yeah, it's funny at the end! XP PLZ READ! it's my 3 Story!
hahaha a song...not really...but!! its about tails from Sonic...
Ruroni_Otaku told me to make a song about him for inside joke reasons so i did hahaha
A poem i made. The first part reminded me of Kh2. lol Thanks to Ruroni_Otaku for helping me put it up. Go check out his things. Oh yeah...Comments plz!
Kai was a normal girl living a normal life, until Kamon arrived. Now she has to defend herself against an abnormal being...
My version of a Christmas that COULD POSSIBLY happen if Mrs. Claus were not around! -gasp-