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This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.
Something I wrote for a project, this goes with the picture I drew a while ago, Lost Sunset. Gosh! I've never put up any prose before! Yay for firsts! Anyway, the reason I never post anything: because it sucks.
This piece doesn't completely follow the pl
When all the State Alchemists have to contribute something to the military's Christmas party, what will Ed do? And can he help the newest recruit use her talents for good?
Miss J's Wonderland is a really strange story I came up with all of a sudden... Don't take it too serious!
It's about Miss J's adventures inside her magic wardrobe!
It's a kew story of how hilary disapear
Based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl."
Just suppose...just suppose that there was a final intervention that may have changed the destinies of the key bearers.
There's a new girl in town who might not be a girl at all. A human when with Kiyo, a mamodo when with Zatch. She's Mamodo #101, and Sherry and Brago want her.
A story about how I joined the Demon Of the Dark Fall Clan and my battles!!

It's an injoke so dont try to understand it!!!! XDDD
Now you will all stop thinking that blackfire is crazy. SHE IS BLACKFIRE WEASELY DAMN IT! Gawsh. ...dotdotdot...
Yah ummm... this here's my first poem in Fanart central... and also it's my first poem with anything to do with YGO, so please don't hate...
...and if you like Yami no Yuugi and/or Rishid, please don't read this...cuz they kinda get hurt...
Yes. 2! And if you have yet to read Teen Titan's Spiderman 1, I would suggest that you do so, or you may be utterly confused o.O
*clears throat* I shall be taking over this story on this account, instead of continuing on my old one. So bleh.
This is linked to the The Third Epic. After the battle with Kahn, Kenshin and his friends experience a new peace. That is until...
This short story is basically about how some people forget about traditional ways when technology comes along.
The Dark Empire begins to assemble their forces in great numbers. Their goal, to conquer the entire Anime Universe.
We all know of Starfire's big sister, Blackfire, but have you ever wondered about Raven? Ebony, Raven's little sister, comes it visit, but then Blackfire escapes from jail. Could Ebony have something to do with it?
It's for my special friend,Liza! About our friendship... ^__^
Natalie just transferred to the Kadic Boarding School. Now she's found the factory. But is she a Fighter of Lyoko or a Monster of XANA?
No section of a site is complete without one of these lists.
Hisoka's fired as a shinigami, yet he doesn't tell Tsuzuki. One-shot. Sad ending.
Tsuzuki's POV. Contains PG-ish...A type of poem(??)Well,instead of reading summary,why not just read the whole thing...?
This is a poem based on "Ten Little Indians". It contains some of the greatest moments in Titans far, at least! Enjoy.
about a girl who had a dream