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Random poems. Starting writing them again, might continue for a while. So yeah! Poems about lots of . . . well, lots of whatever falls into my head when I sit down to write. Enjoy!
Twas,Tis,and Twill be a true story.
I didn't write this, my friend Mashes-the Slytherin Queen on did, but it's just too funny, so I decided to post it here for anyone who cares ^^'
For kikyoXInu fans and KagXInu fans
please read it
Its a school kinda story
who loves and who looses love
5 Short Stories Im working on...Most of them Frerard:3

[edit]The stupid site messed up the titel.Its suupsoe to be 5 SHOTS..not SHOTS...cheezes chirts.......
Just random story i wrote in school.The endings really bad casue i wrote it when i got home from school and all my creativity went byes.actally the whole storys really bad casue i cant wright.
For charlotte♥
Casue i said so.
Frankie acidently kills his pet snake and is sad.
Gerard gets his friends and brother togther and dose somthing to cheer Frankie up.
Another Random AFI and MCR story of when they were teenager-esc
A random story i made in my study hall and it makes no scence.
Someone is taking over America! So we decide to be ninjas and fight for our world! At the same time there is romance beetween many characters along the way. If you wanna be part of this fun journey just ask!^__^
A continuation to Buried Secrets. Kodi vows to never love again...but the new addition to the dog team may make him break his vow.
Based on a true!Hope you read!
She had been in the darkness, battered and oppressed, until he brought her out and showed her the other side, where the sun bathes all in its golden light... Mario/Vivian
Well, if you would like to read the ENTIRE story, you will need to start at ShadowGirl's story, Kakahsi's Crush on his assistant, 1, 2, 3, who knows. I would also like to thank MaoHiwitari and ShadowGirl for comming up the main characters unique name,and what do you guys think? just more songs, that i hope to finish someday ^^
I just started this ^_^ Its a story of a lone ice dragon who has blocked out the outside world and killed many idiotic dragon nights that tried to tame him. I actually thought of writing this after i read a short story called 'The Ice Dragon'
Just a bunch of songs that`ll probably never be sung... They would have collected dust in my journal,but I decided to post a few ^^
finally,you can find out what Naruto creators had to think about while creating the names for their manga and anime =)
just the diary of Red XIII after Meteor was destroyed!!
This is about a time when I was ripped between more than one guys that I loved equally.......(*Don`t take it the wrong way,I wasn`t cheating on either of them*)
Pretty pointless,I guess,but a fanfic
is going along with it, maybe later today...just thought you`d like to know ^^
This is a persona poem I wrote about Love.
This is a persona poem I wrote about Fear.
this is an amazing song,if you don`t know the words, this will help you greatly (*a word..?*), and because Nickleback is so cool......ah,just read it ^_^