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The not-so-secret secret school for anime/cartoon characters is heading out for their annual class trip until it all goes horribly wrong. Izaya is amused as is Sebastian, but Seto's just annoyed.
Part of the Boyz+Girls series.
Trey and Amy are left alone by Brett. What will happen? NO NOT THAT! freekz!
this is a remake of Breaking Spells ~

Just an idea I had, lemme know what you think.

And btw I borrowed the bad guys from actual myths lol

Also please make sure to check out the Q&A section (for background info on Hellfire), I'll be updating it periodically.
A Very ooc Voldemort and his death eaters devises a plan to go back to Hogwarts to get at Harry Potter. SUGER RELATED!
A story I did for english, the story in my mind isn't very appealing until the end. I personally felt the bond between the two at the end.
Romance, Action, comedy, poetry, Diary, where to place it? This story is going to be a published novel, but there is no specific genre to place it. It can be considered any of the ubove.
Each chapter is a new way to annoy the crap out of your older our younger brother or sister. I got a lot of evil ideas! Alas, i can only put 101. BUUUUUT if i want to after that i could make a (dun dun duuun) sequel....
(minaiacle laughter)
Well, to put it short, the grim reaper, being the killer and reaper of the souls of dead people, kills and reaps the souls of dead people. This story is a collections shows all my different views on the big fellow. Don't chuck it till you try it!
This is an original screenplay I wrote for a short 5 minute submission film (for "On the Lot"). Ted the Zombie has been a character a friend and I just fell in love with. This won't be the only cameo of my beloved Ted.
A Drama/Romance/Comedy story about two teens in high school.
 When Alex finds a box of old letters from his grandfather in the attic of their house, he begins to read them not realizing they will change the way he looks at the world forever.
 As World War II spreads across Europe, a small family in Germany is
Are you familer with the know your stars skit on all that? Heres the same thing except it has the CATCF cast! PLEASE READ!!! ITS FUNNY!!!
A girl named Mitsuki-chan lost her parents,has bad grades,and maids have to raise her. One day her animatian she makes pays off. Read please!
A series of solutions all themed to make the world greater place (originaly posted on my site:
What happens when Shippo gives Inuyasha a flower?? O.o my expression exactly. A funny short One-shot story.(at least i thought it was funny)
here are some funny quotes i dont have much but if you could give me some id surely appricart that i will
The government makes a plan to bomb Pluto for no reason, and a young girl hears their plans, is abducted. Now her 'friends' go out in space to follow the spaceship she was abdusted on, and hopefully save her.
Hey Everybody! If you like Tear and Haelo I suggest you read the story of how they came to be. I really hope you like it, but please read it. This is a Romance/Comedy/Drama story. YAYNESS I CANT BELIEVE I'M WRITING A STORY!!
ok this is a monologue(one act play) that I wrote.
i want people to use it in like drama classes er wateva so feel free to use