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The perfect world they knew will tear itself asunder. A crossover with the futuristic dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley with the batman villain for fun and chaos.

I never submitted it before because I never finished it.

This was written back when my Camp Lazlo OC Emma was called Claire and was just a shy little girl with a bunny soft toy, BEFORE she became a little bit of a self insert.
This is a quick overview of my new storyline, titled, "Synthetic". It is anthropomorphic, involves animals, and takes place at a modern day date.
Some new students appear after an alien ship sighting.
and if you want you character to be in this story,feel free to tell me about your character!(you know where...) ^_^
Airin-chan is an OC by a user on Quizilla, I recieved this request from her and wrote it up ^^
being the new kid well in my case the new girl is actuallt pretty easy, i mean the dudes are just as stupid as they were at my old skool so no need to worry about them,but yea this is my story peace!
This is a story of a new Keyblade bearer many years after the time of the games. This story goes beyond the Disney/FF boundary of the original stories, going into different worlds of other non-Disney or FF games/animes. Hope someone enjoys it!
There is a new girl in Domino High. Crushes develope and secrets unvailed. Lets just say its a must read.
Cassie was a normal 16 year old...untill she met Matt, a ignorate teenager with a horrid secret, he was a vampire. Not ur "everyday" vampire though....
This is my new fan story; Hopefully you'll like it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terra
Well I got bored and decided to make a NaruHina fan based story. But in this Naruto and Hinata all ready have a kid, she is 16 years old and ....well read the story to find out.
The New Sailor Scouts??? How bogus!!! Read on!!!
how Element died that day and became Crypt the Undying. It all started on the streets of New York, when he became Dr. Maxwell's lab-rat.
A quick poem I wrote while listening to Black Light Burns.
Well, this is just basically a little romance fic about my OC and her friends during the holidays. This does not happen in the actual story series. KxS CxY KrxYu TxBxP KhxR KaxH MxA RixMa JxD

This is a small poem I wrote for something that occured, please give me your comments on it and let me know what you think about it :)
a mysterious girl arrives when the gang looks for a shen gong wu. Kimiko is eagar to find out the young girl's past that she won't tell. What is the girl's tragic past?
New world
Basically its about the show Inuyasha except we continue where the show had ended like Inuyasha and Sesshomaru die. Two new characters Terra and unknown.
After the final battle between Mikeru the 7 Mermaid Princess went to live in peace never to return to Mermaids again, After Izuru, Eriru, Yuuri and Maria return with a new leader the learn the gave up being mermaids and cannot fight the new evil they leave Tokyo and leave thier pearls behind and new girls have come to take thier place enjoy!
What happen Sasuke have a dead girlfriend went his came back with people holding the cofin but the other don't know
when eleven teenagers relizes that there world is connected
a girl named ally & her friends will go on a journey that they'll never forget.but while the journey continues,ally's memory comes back.what really DID happen & why?
my next story this story is like the life of sonic the hedgehog but no one die and i made a new character sky the fox who tails fall in love with my 11 story
A new kid comes to Casper High & catches Sam's eye which gets on Danny's nerves; at the same time Danny meets a new ghost in Amity Park. Not to mention ghost breakouts are through the roof which worries the gang that something might be coming.