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Biographies of my OC's.  (Subject to change)
Meet Markus, the newest of the Demon hunters
Sonic gets an injection of a deadly liquid, which evolved into a virus that practically turned you evil. Then, Alyssa is forced to kill him, but is wounded and catches the virus as well. It''s a deadly cycle, How will it end, if ever?
It's about how Sonic is faced with the desicion to send MElissa back to the reality world, or to let her stay.SOnic just wants to do what is best for her...but he's broken from the heart-wrenching desicion..
just a random poem about how time flies by so fast..and was bored and sad at the same time...
this was inspired by my mother...who's in a nursing home...she's been through a lot in her life...and this is dedicated to her. I love you Momma!!!
THis was inspired by my imaginary friend XP go figure. lol
this was inspired by my history class when we were studying WW2 and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan.
This is a poem about WereSonic...^_^
This is the Story of Ryu Kozaku, a Boy who has A monster, Onaga the Dragon Emperor, inside of him.What is This Beast? And Why has it fallen to darkness? Read and Learn the Story that started it all...
This is a Shugo Chara story! I am included in it. I need to start watching the show of Shugo Chara. And by the way my name is Emily and people will be calling me Emi-chan,Emily,Emi,or Em. And there might be a few spelling mistakes,sorry!
I just thought about writing this fic about a few weeks ago.And I finally wrote it.
No one thought of the idea so I made everything up! It's kind of like my own anime! All the characters are mines.

Just a short oneshot about the last battle between Marik and Yugi and yes, if you don't like randomness then do not read!
just some short neopet stories XD
A Very ooc Voldemort and his death eaters devises a plan to go back to Hogwarts to get at Harry Potter. SUGER RELATED!
There's a new girl in town and she fights hard, as Shadow is about to find out...

Very crazy!! Lol I laugh eveytime I read it! XD
ok here is a spyro story im writing partly made from imagination partly made from dreams i keep having this was inspired by a dream i had also so yea enjoy  :D
Someone said I should do a Knuckles one next in my 'I AM' series so here it is.
If you like this then check out my 'I Am Sonic' and 'I Am Shadow' poems!
ok a story on jordan's life ok it will be bad i know so wat
A short poem about Shadow, who he is and what he does. if you like this then maybe you should check out my other poem I Am Sonic.
This is a story from my soul please do not make fun of me...
This is a shortish poem i wrote about Sonic and what he does! :) i hope you likey!
I wanted to change the entire story of Myself to amore kh style =3
it also includes Kitix's lost past story changed aswell.

Disclaimer-I do not own disney/square enix characters.
how Element died that day and became Crypt the Undying. It all started on the streets of New York, when he became Dr. Maxwell's lab-rat.
This is a story out of boredom^^

i'm currently obseesed with transformers so i made this story^^