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Somthing i found on my computer, no clue who what when where why or how about it.
GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
somthing i did in my spare time
Something I wrote after being betrayed by a person I deeply trusted.
Sye story. Done for school a while ago.
I forgot to post it here. :3
I thought it would be funny to make a random commic about Organization Thirteen. So I did. This is just the writing the commic is going to be based on, then I'll draw it when I have the time.
For kikyoXInu fans and KagXInu fans
please read it
Its a school kinda story
who loves and who looses love
Well, it started to snow, and I got this warm/cold feeling.So then I just started typing and this is what I came up with
hope you enjoy it
This is a poem I wrote that goes with my picture of my hamster Jamie who died at three years old, I miss you soooo much Jamie, Rest in Peace.
this is about a guy i have a major crush on...
This is my role-play charcters diary. His name is Leon and he is crazy! Well...just read it.


No one knows who he even is!


Leon: HE IS GOD.
Somthin i wrote a while ago to vent anger
Its a song...i guess...i dunno, its a poem that could be....idk screw it just screw it -.-
Just somthing i wrote when i wasnt in a good mood lets say. if you read it and go WTF? then dont feel bad cause i can gaurentee i will be saying the same thing tomorrow
A poem for that special someone in your life
There’s no business like… cartoon business?! Will the Warners decide to end their scene inside the Warner Brothers Lot for good? Yakko thinks so, but what if his siblings think otherwise? The fate of desperate change is in Yakko’s hands, will he choose to be with his Hollywood Crush over his family?
Yeah. . .Just some random angsty stuff I wrote. . .Oneshot . . . PLEASE no bashing ;_;
My poetry.
I would like all of my friends and fans from here at FAC to read this!! ^_^ Thank you!!
quite awkward if you ask me. i found it on a site
Ok, this is my DP OC's Story, please, if you're going to read it, don't bash, it's been a while since I've been one, I know, but I'm on DA more then FAC, so I'm sorry to anyone of my friends ^^; what do you guys think? just more songs, that i hope to finish someday ^^
If you think I've done too much artwork then you're in for a shock. My true obsession is writing, and I cannot stop. So I've made this to wrap up some of my scraped stories. Anyone can make a shout out if they want to see me finnish one, and anyone can ma
Just a bunch of songs that`ll probably never be sung... They would have collected dust in my journal,but I decided to post a few ^^