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A story I'm writing following the life of Sabrina Lore Evans. Young 16 year old moving in with her uncle and his family  to go to a richer, i mean better school. ((Ratings will change as the story goes on ))
I'mma just put all my random short stories here.
Just a poem I wrote a few minutes ago cause I felt crappy and had to get emotions out.
Last one shot i'm submitting today haha. Pairing is again RusAme.
Another one shot. Pairing RusAme, Super short.
Just a one shot. Pairing is AmeCan or America and Canada. or Alfred and Matthew.
Alt Title: The Lord and the Vampire

A Fairy Tale of a Vampire,a Lord and how they met. Might do more like these some day. Contains Sarcasm,fluff,old fashion-y writing style and comical amounts of abuse.
It`s the beginning of high school for Sakura Haruno. At her new school,Konoha High, she will meet many people, friends. foes and pedo`s.Read as she begins the crazy Konoha High.
it looked like fun.
Meet Markus, the newest of the Demon hunters
20 ways to annoy your teacher/ do when your bord in school
So, the start of the new series. Based around Monday Night Combat. So, the template you can copy and you can check the FNA Lists to see the available spaces. I shall go over it, and then tell you if it''s list-worthy or not. So, enjoy.
Oh man, you''ve got''ve been seeing this one coming.XD

All characters belong to everyone who owns them.
This is the cast from my side of the world.XD

Template is property of Chaoscontroler1992.
Deleted this, sorry.^^'''

Title says it all.
A ninja is trying to do an important mission with her to partners and ruins her reputation.
This is A book I'm going to publish as soon as I finish it, so read this if U r a bookworm! Enjoy!
The story of Blade the Fox, a seemingly normal fourteen year old.
A collection of my Ocs stats
This explains if u like Scourge TOO much..
(Highskool Zim and Dib) Zim makes a new invention, and Dib takes it only to find that looks are deceiving...(ZADR in future chapters, ratings will change in future chapters.)
ok here is a spyro story im writing partly made from imagination partly made from dreams i keep having this was inspired by a dream i had also so yea enjoy  :D
In my Advance writing class, we had to write an "letter" to our body. I decided that I didn't really enjoy the idea of writing a real letter to my body, so I was allowed to change it to a fictional characters body, put into 1st person format. Enjoy!
ok a story on jordan's life ok it will be bad i know so wat
Failure after failure....loss after loss...what happens when your creator finally gives up on you? He kills you with another, more powerful...better version of yourself.