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Random Stories

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this is a poem i made up about a wolf and a guns man
This story is jaust for fun and pretty bad I think. It tells the story of a little cat, named Mijou, which is living a few years after the last Jellicle Ball. It is in German, maybe I´ll translate it into English someday.
Ya i dunno how to explain what i write so you have to read it ans tell me what you get.
This is based on a conversation I had with a Full Metal Alchemist fanartist about what would happen if Ed was able to save sacrifice his arm before Al's body was completely destroyed. The idea of Ed and Winry going off to find the perfect automail to help
Harry is dared by Fred, George, and Ron one night to sneak down to the kitchens and steal some food, but what he finds out is something he really didn't want to know. What is it exactly that Snape does after midnight?
The Eds hatch a scam to relieve boredome in the cul-de-sac for a day. Will there be any survivors ;)?
Many years ago,there was an elegant,mysterious dragon.This dragon could mold any clay,so he made a rare race that appeared every thousand years...And the poster...appears before the next mage is ready.Zayli...the mage...a poster,from a dear friend...
Old friends can change when you're gone a while.
A mixture of all my school residentials smushed in2 1 to create masive fun n caos wooooot!!!!
for #83248 on Mweor ONLY.
The First Undercover Detective story by AgentC. Hopefully more to come...
Just a profile I did on Vinnie's ONLY daughter
It's the story of my oc's Super NOva and Xander. Xander is eight monthes old monkey.
Just a few tips for those of you who are having problems with chain letters, flamers, ETC. ^^
the story of a man with XD who saves the world
I have alot of annoying story

enjoy! :)

If u have any questions and/or comments please post them
its kind of completely
This is just a little cute SokkaXToph oneshot about how Toph feels the need to be pretty for Sokka, but Sokka loves her just how she is. A bit fluffy.
It is a vampire story...
this is my first one piece story so be nice please
A funny beach comic about Hao...
A poem about rape or along the lines of rape yeah yet again not all that grea with summaries
The ultimate battle between Link and Bob the Redead. Mild language and violence. Many surprises. Be careful.
Inspired by Runescape.
Did you ever want to journey into a world of absurd fiction and strange adventures?Another classic story in anime form.+_+