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Random Stories

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Stumped on what to draw? Take a look at some of my random Ideas! Yay! The ratings are for later when I suggest wierder stuff ._O

Ps: I was bored.
Ok I Had Yet Another Random Idea Pop Into My Uncontrollable Crazy Mind. So I Hope You Like It.
P.S Its A Bit Like Boy/Girl Thing, Just More Kingdom Hearty. ^-^
This is MSN chat between ER staff
eh...i know its a little late but what the hell! better late than never right? i wrote this a a thanksgiving special on thanksgiving! enjoy!!
This is my most recent project, which follows the trials of my friends an di as we strive to be manga artists/writers. Really up lifting, but realistic at the same time
Just something I decided to make. Nothing too exciting.
Its about my friend victor, and I want him to know, that he is one of my best friends, and is like my little brother.
Kakashi begins having these strange dreams about his past, about a young girl he use to know and love. What will happen when he finds out she is still alive and he finds her? Read and find out! ^^ 
first story!YAY!hope i have lots and lots of comments^^no flaming or spamming.
In Unova:They run into someone,who explains a story Pokemon.They go on a life thretaning adventure with thier new friend and discover many shocking things in the process and some old friends who come into play throughout the story.
Pranks to pull on anime/manga characters whilst they sleep.  This is how I solve boredom.
A story to se how you know your stars.
Leana and Kielahn are in a new city with new friends and a big secret...
Another of my frankly random articles about life, the universe and everything

Sydney Drew has been B-Squad Pink for five years. Her promotion to he Omega Project, a fugitive retrieval unit, is unexpected. When her first assignment is to contain escaped convicts including A-Squad Pink, her world opens up as revelations rock her to the very core.

Jay Jay falls into depression after Coral dies. Implied Jay JayCoral.
The song in episode 30 of sailor moon where Serena/Usagi turns into a princess
It's the story of my oc's Super NOva and Xander. Xander is eight monthes old monkey.
I suck at titles....theses are some characters I've created. They are from GroundClan (Sucky name, short notice, fried brain)
this was a project I did for school last year its about johnny when hes in the hosptile that type of thing if you'ev never read " the outsides" this story will make no sence and neather will the next one Im doing
Just a little Phantom Poem for Phantom Phans Everywhere!!!!
A poem about drinking and how it can affect others