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Random Stories

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This fic is in spanish. This it´s my first fanfic and the only one. One day, when i have more idea for the language, i translate to english. It´s about a possible past of Marion Phauna. Sorry for my bad english :( See ya ^^
This is about a teenage girl. Since she was 8 she has been on her own. Her parents were killed in front of her.She's discovered that she has a gift, a power, a curse. She could travel from place to place just by thinking of it.
a collection of funny quotes about cats. some of my own are in there too
This is a story told by the main character herself her journey through life with a baby and a dog as her only companions
This is a story I have been working on for a while now
My WWE dreams i have had alot so i wanna share them
Hope you like it. The series isn't really long, but I had good comments from other people. ENJOY!!!
This story is with Roxas and Me. Roxas, Hayner and the gang, have been best friends with me for years. Sora and Sky(Choii) are in this story as well. But I don't meet up with them until later...
*The Story begins on a sunny Twilight town day.
I dunno Keiko wanted me too write a story along time ago and my pictures will not upload.tell me if you like it and i will write more i already have more i just want to see if people like it please dont make fun of it
Old friends can change when you're gone a while.
This is when I was at me gf's house and we were having dinner. and I said the wrong thing and after I found out what she was pissed about,I felt bad.and thought we were almost about to break up.
The First Undercover Detective story by AgentC. Hopefully more to come...
The song in episode 30 of sailor moon where Serena/Usagi turns into a princess
The usual here, just more of meh stuff.
Fate of a girl...
Okay, this is a story about me that I wrote with my Sempai, Kelalailea. It's a story about me and my lover, Aido.
Jumba turnes everyone into an experiment after a little accident but little do they know a huge adventure in space is about to begin and the two most unlikely people are about to fall in love. Part two of Courage The Cowardly Dog, Lilo And Stitch trilogy!
This is my south park story!^_^
I been working for about a month on it and I hope you all like it
A poem i wrote that describes my life and how its going now.
A different island, a different evil and different Toa
{touched by an angel)

A assignment gives Rafael something special at the end: a daughter. This is the work of mine and my friend Lauren so no one can use anything from this story without our premission

In the land of wonder lived the one they called Ishugi. He stayed to himself in a lonely wonderous castle filled with snow. It has not quit snowing for over 25 years, and that is how long Ishugi has not step foot out of Wagi Castle.Now they must
raikim story