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Random Stories

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Kagome's thoughts on her long lost father... The one she never had. R&R Plz
I haven't figured out a name for the story yet, so this default title shall do for now. :D

Anyway, this is just a snipet of my web of thoughts surrounding a particular group of characters I created.

Hmm, I've got this idea going, and I have a few chapters of it down, but I'm not sure if I'll go through with it. I trash a lot of ideas. So, don't be surprised if the next sample of writing I put up is totally different.

And no, I do not have a title for this story. It will remain nameless until I find one.

Any critique and comments are highly appreciated.
An old, very old story. Well, intro, really. Never got around to writing the actual story. Blah
French project, no reasoning, just M. Casey
Just something I decided to make. Nothing too exciting.
Father and Daughter
Just a Big Cheese X Polly

action adventure romance humor fic
CAR ACCIDENT POEM. This is the third one I wrote and I felt like it was my fault.
just a random poem i wrote
In an old, banished house, two girls watch a storm, and begen to see thing that were right under their noses the whole time...
This is my story inspired by the final fantasy game as well as some other stuff that i like. I'm still working on it. I write it when i can.
More poetry~
Love sucks
first story!YAY!hope i have lots and lots of comments^^no flaming or spamming.
This is when I was at me gf's house and we were having dinner. and I said the wrong thing and after I found out what she was pissed about,I felt bad.and thought we were almost about to break up.
Just a little story i had dreamed up whil in math
a short poem I came up with when I was bored...
She just wanted him to love her. But the first time she followed him she knew it wasnt for her but another
A Mercenaries/Teen Titans Crossover.if anyones has played Mercenaries: playground of destruction, they'll know what I'm yammering about.
A very funny, sad, melancolly story of my friend Taylor, she reads. its all fake though, we made it up when she sat alone on the bus one day. please read.
This story is based on Milky Way Wishes on Kirby Super Star Ultra.


CrashSpyro6 as Luna Star Moon (me)
Bonspie (on dA) as Taylor the star warrior
Comicunsai (on dA) as Terry the new miracle matter
The Legendary Curse of Imori is based on Avatar but in animal form. They come from four of six regions to fill out their destiny. But what they find out is that they are re-carnations of the original Imori Curse holders, now they have to find out how to defeat the evil that only the Holy One knows about. What Will the four new Imori curse holders do?
It is a vampire story...