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Random Stories

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just a couple of lil poems i made up hope u all like them
For crimes in life, a girl must wander as a ghost and fight the forces of darkness that threaten her soul and world.
This is a story I wrote. It's not finished yet. The main charactors don't have any names yet so thats why it's he/she. Well enjoy!!!
you can tell i was board XD so i made this
A story about a Count, some teenagers, a doctor, and a mystery.
evryone who waches or reads avatar last air bender can see that there is a air bender a water bender a non bender and a earth bender. but what if a fire bender joined there little group of friends? would Aang, katara, saka, and togh change the way they
Just a poem I found with looking through my folders, probably one of my favorite poems I've written
Has anyone ever heard of Gold and/or Kris? Well now, they are they get together and cause a little roudy trouble!
about a wolf and his pup
Please read this Poll and give me an answer it's for a good reason.
A poem my friend named Xing wrote for me...he is so sweet lol...
An InuYasha and Kagome filk to the tune "Marshmallow World".
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im not sure what to say
This is a story someone requested (THANKS cyborggirl!!) She says that Raven is paired by everyone, and this story (which is as random as my "Gameshow" story) tells it all!
this is the story of Sukotsu Konohime the outcast and how he finally was accepted join me in his adventuers. for the origin of some later characters check the stories of my friend erandor3. for other characters check the naruto series
The Naruto gang runs into some trouble. It's something so terrible, so horrible, it will take all of their will-power to defeat. Do you know what that is?....High School. (Normal pairings, though not the main plot or anything. TOTAL COMEDY!)
Kuzai: What about Kristian!? Who is she and why does she seem to know Link so much!? Only Kuzai knows! Find out now! :D
Leana and Kielahn are in a new city with new friends and a big secret...
if loving the night is wrong if loving those who can not love themselves is wrong. . . God Forgive Me but it's just not right
A poem I wrote, feeling particularly morbid at the time.
How each member of TMNT started playing instruments.
The bios for my wolves XD
a love story end