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Random Stories

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two teenagers run away from their orphanidge.. yada yada
Why Gan Ning should not wear bells .really funny please read.(one shot)
eh...i know its a little late but what the hell! better late than never right? i wrote this a a thanksgiving special on thanksgiving! enjoy!!
A poem about an angel who commits sucide'll just have to read it.
Rather touching in my opinion.
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Dreams I've had that I remember well.
hopelessness and a feeling of lost that's destroying a person
ok. I have no idea. saw a poem, though of a Hilson one. typed it, and now here it is.
This is a SURPRISE! hah, you'll have to read it. It involves Draco Malfoy, cause he's my hottie ;)
This is a story I thought of while I was at camp. I think this one of my best stories. Anyway, this story is of how Sora comes to start living with me until he can fix the Gummi ship. Will he he be able to leave in the end though?
Two friends end up traveling to a land and during which One dies and another becomes a fox(person)
A short one-shot about a light dragon and a griffin. Friendship, not a pairing fic.

These are my characters, of course.^^
For the pass of full years....

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Sanjay Patel and Karl Pilkington.
Losing someone is perfectly norman, it is part of life. Everyone handles it differently. Death brings fear to me. However I will write something like this just to clear my mind. So here is a little something I wrote after losing someone close to my heart.
For you my love
Many years ago,there was an elegant,mysterious dragon.This dragon could mold any clay,so he made a rare race that appeared every thousand years...And the poster...appears before the next mage is ready.Zayli...the mage...a poster,from a dear friend...
here are my naruto ocs ^^
UPDATED 2/28/07 Added 14
For full Summery see chapter titled summery.
Aang needs a firebending teacher before time runs out. Zuko still wants to capture him. But what happens when he meets an old friend of Uncle Iroh’s and learns . . .
Just a little story i had dreamed up whil in math
I based this off a fantastic finish yesterday at the cross country meet...I didn't place very high (hey, I never do), but it was probably the best finish I ever have had. Period.

You know the drill: Read and critique.
A quick poem I wrote.
Profiles of mah charries, more coming soon! ^^ *character profile guidelines courtesy of Nightychao)
Just a few tips for those of you who are having problems with chain letters, flamers, ETC. ^^