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Random Stories

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Four very different girls, one very screwed up plot, and a crazy maniak, wha'd do you get!? One story worth taking a look at!
Well this is just something that i had to do for English class, and i figured, what the heck, I'll put it on here. So i did. Its probably not too good though, its all manufactured emotion...tell me what you think anyway lol
This is a story about the new hope for the Varden and elves, a new rider. will be a multiple chapter story.
Kurama's thoughts on the death of a close friend. (non-yaoi)
somewhat of a selfe portet if you will, please injoy.
I was just thinking about random stuff while getting ready for church this morning and wrote this up in like ten minutes. Yikes. Uhh, I am, by no means, a poet. So... I''ll just leave it at that. Enjoy my attempted poem.
The perfect world they knew will tear itself asunder. A crossover with the futuristic dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley with the batman villain for fun and chaos.
OneShot. TayxZolo. First Person.
um.. i don't hate tails me and my friend were just super bored
my randomly random-ness....0.o
what the title says! btw, i know about these things because i have had experience!
Pranks to pull on anime/manga characters whilst they sleep.  This is how I solve boredom.
I know why I picked this game. It had all my favorite characters in it. But I don't have it yet.
Anyway,this story is about my 2 favorite characters, Riku and Sora. I made them a little older so this story will make sense a little.
Can I be human and save her from going to Hell alone? Even if it means my life. Violet, I love you.
A story to se how you know your stars.
An old story all about one of my favorite character.
A mixture of all my school residentials smushed in2 1 to create masive fun n caos wooooot!!!!
for #83248 on Mweor ONLY.
It's a poem about how I really am. A good way to understand me.
An anthro story I wrote. Told from the first person perspective of a mutant in a future earth. His people are being kept a secret from humanity and he must save them from a dominating human millitary.
like a chain...the most common first...u'll c just a stupid idea i got
this is my first one piece story so be nice please
Kai's an innocent bystander...sort of >.< Darian's a gang leader...and a pretty boy...Rannon likes little boys *cough* And girly men...this won't end well *sigh*
Poor Tifa has been left by herself and everyone seems to be ignoring her. She needs a break, so what does she do? Read and see. I may continue.
This is a story about my Warriors clan Sunclan and Whisperpaw! It is a story of how she joined Sunclan ^^ OC's welcome to join! This is gonna be a LONG story so be prepared for a lot of reading ^^