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not finshed
Halo battle storys. Mostly done in first person point of view. It's not finished yet. Tis the first chapter.Just 2 describe the situation. Next battle is all war and blood. Enjoy
This is a story I thought of while I was at camp. I think this one of my best stories. Anyway, this story is of how Sora comes to start living with me until he can fix the Gummi ship. Will he he be able to leave in the end though?
Amy got the power PLEASE READ IT!!!!!!
Atem, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Marik, Bakura and Tea form a band. this is gigs, behind the scenes, fanmail and funnies!
Are humans unappriciative of what they have in their current day? In this fast paced society, how needy are we?
Some of us find love and manage to let it go.
Some of us find love and choose to hold on to it for life.
Now which one will you choose?
a vilanelle about death
Kuzai: What about Kristian!? Who is she and why does she seem to know Link so much!? Only Kuzai knows! Find out now! :D
This is another stupid Sesshoumaru story of mine, with chibis in it this time!
in the modern day its the same story as 500 years ago but with new player and it starts much early and it runs all the way back to the start from 500 years ago
It's the story of my oc's Super NOva and Xander. Xander is eight monthes old monkey.
Rika is a normal girl with a stupid older brother and loving Friends, but since Tala got her(and him) expelled from thier old school and Kai's in her life she'll never be the same (or will she? O_o) KaixOC, TalaxOC and more ^_^ Chapter 2 is now up!!!
this story goes with the picture "time to kill"
Based on a true!Hope you read!
sometimes its better to run while you can...
The bios for my wolves XD
dark and daisuke are gonna die unless they find love....ITS FRIKKN CHEESY.....CHEESY,not lemony, CHEE-Z.....try to tolerate it ^^;;and yes, i have used some names from other animes, dont sue meh ^^
A highschool story. The Naruto characters go to Konoha High, a private school in the city of Konoha. They face all the highschool dramas: classes, grades, friends, enemies, and romance. Pairings to be revealed in later chapters.
What would happen if Tyson drank a love potion?! Find out!
This is my fan fic before Treedom Hearts. Over 150 pages long in book page styles I suppose. Flaky is the main character, and this pic made me make Flisky and Chief. XP
This is an original story that I've been playing with. It's nothing spceial. I just thought I'd post it here to see if anybody thinks I should keep working on it. Comments are appreciated.