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Random Stories

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Just a story.
This is a poem I wote for my friend Ray.......
This is a school group project for gifted students that I'm currently working on. It will be published if it's any good so I decided to put some of it here. It is about the Dayton, Ohio flood of 1913. ENJOY!!!!
A collection of my Ocs stats
Another poem... ^_^
this is me giving my opinion
my haiku
Has anyone ever heard of Gold and/or Kris? Well now, they are they get together and cause a little roudy trouble!
This is my first fanfiction it's a InuyashaxKagome and SangoxMiroku fanfiction it's mainly about Sango and Miroku. Sango and Miroku get stuck inside of Naraku's Barrier and Inuyasha and Kagome cant go in and somethin bad is going to happed read to fi
Some of us find love and manage to let it go.
Some of us find love and choose to hold on to it for life.
Now which one will you choose?
A story that proves that Revenge can backfire. Bigtime.
We understand Home and Cottage pest problems and unique client requirements better than any other pest control contractor in our geographic service area. spider treatments
this is the story of Sukotsu Konohime the outcast and how he finally was accepted join me in his adventuers. for the origin of some later characters check the stories of my friend erandor3. for other characters check the naruto series
A story to se how you know your stars.
mmmmmm it was for shool and sory for that lame names its my first story.
Another of my frankly random articles about life, the universe and everything
Jazi and Natalie go in the woods and find out it's crawling with pokemon. this experience takes them on a journey
The Legendary Curse of Imori is based on Avatar but in animal form. They come from four of six regions to fill out their destiny. But what they find out is that they are re-carnations of the original Imori Curse holders, now they have to find out how to defeat the evil that only the Holy One knows about. What Will the four new Imori curse holders do?
A poem about rape or along the lines of rape yeah yet again not all that grea with summaries
Basically, I`m one very peeved little person and i`m generally angry for several reasons..this is what came from it. We`ll say sounds better.
What is the definition of this freedom thing? It means a great deal to us, members of the human race. In a way it becomes our greatest obsession.
This is about me and my friends, but with some original Naruto charecters
A poem I wrote for English class. It had to be about perspectives, so yeah.
A poem I wrote when somebody very close to me never gave me the answer that I wanted.