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Random Stories

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funny mysteries solved by none other than Sherlock Tyson!
mi first story hope you like it if u want to be in the story let me know on mi profile page
eh...i know its a little late but what the hell! better late than never right? i wrote this a a thanksgiving special on thanksgiving! enjoy!!
Well, you heard the title. Fuzzball96, all yours*coughfancharacterscough*.
another parody of a moive. you might like this story if you a fan or like hiei and botan couples. oh and for kurama fans i know his character dies i don't hate kurama i just figure that would a diffrent role for kurama.
This is a school group project for gifted students that I'm currently working on. It will be published if it's any good so I decided to put some of it here. It is about the Dayton, Ohio flood of 1913. ENJOY!!!!
Kenshin is having a bad hair day. Between fires, mosquitoes, soup, and dare I say it... paint. Everything imaginable has happened to poor Kenshin’s hair.
This OC is obviously based off of me, but my life was NOTHING like this Corey''s....
A short oneshot/drabble for SexyCynder''''s contest on DA.
Trinity plans her son, Voltron''''s future.
Characters (C) Sierra, SexyCynder and Zerodius
Just a short story of Inuyasah and kagome, trapped in a snow storm. Needs mor e but i'll post it now anyways
Pranks to pull on anime/manga characters whilst they sleep.  This is how I solve boredom.
I went to the pychiatrist! ....
The First Undercover Detective story by AgentC. Hopefully more to come...
She just wanted him to love her. But the first time she followed him she knew it wasnt for her but another
When you love someone enough to die for them
like a chain...the most common first...u'll c just a stupid idea i got
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there is a whole philosophy behind this poem but i will not tell you. mostly because i believe you should find your own meaning in it, and partly 'cause i'm too lazy
Just a bunch of poems and stuff I've written over the years.
What would happen if Tyson drank a love potion?! Find out!
An evil has emerged, and some young boys, along with the long forgotten Sonic, will fight this creature.The apocolypse comes in many different forms.
Lisa has been Kidnapped....lets read on to find out who an why an stuffs ! :)
This story is about my OC Masako.
Before she moved she lived in a small village.