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Random Stories

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I've had been pondering the thought of writing this poem. It's a big reflection in my life. The story is thought of only in worryful dreams.'s so realistic. It will follow a story that is being written now. It will follow this poem.
a poem dedicated to yami and the love of his life, tea, who passed away in an unfortunate series of events.....might be a tear jerker for some....sniff like me!! sniff
just things I write when I can write .. as you'll see somewhat explained in the first one
This is my most recent project, which follows the trials of my friends an di as we strive to be manga artists/writers. Really up lifting, but realistic at the same time
A poem about an angel who commits sucide'll just have to read it.
Rather touching in my opinion.
feel like taking a challenge? Look no further and look here.
Recollections of a troubled past that might not have ended as well as it did.
This story is about my character, Crystal (picture coming soon) who is a 10 year old black lab who is obsessed with cheese and likes Tails.
Harry is dared by Fred, George, and Ron one night to sneak down to the kitchens and steal some food, but what he finds out is something he really didn't want to know. What is it exactly that Snape does after midnight?
A bunch of different kinds of quotes and sayings all by me, more to come! Enjoy!
Sequel to Truth Be Told. As Generation X prepares to have about student join, one of their foes perpares to make another strike.
Just a poem i wrote when i was bored.
It`s a German written Story about the first school year of Fred and George in Hogwarts with lots of fun with Charlie and Bill also being on Hogwarts
This is a shortish poem i wrote about Sonic and what he does! :) i hope you likey!
im not sure what to say
1 night, a mother gave birth to 3 baby girls.The first one was named Loriccilla, the second was named Aquailia, and the third was named Nicallia. Their mother had no idea of the power that was inside of them. 
A disaster happens when kingdom hearts characters Cloud and Aerith have a honeymoon at Disney Castle
It's a poem about how I really am. A good way to understand me.
I suck at titles....theses are some characters I've created. They are from GroundClan (Sucky name, short notice, fried brain)
The Legendary Curse of Imori is based on Avatar but in animal form. They come from four of six regions to fill out their destiny. But what they find out is that they are re-carnations of the original Imori Curse holders, now they have to find out how to defeat the evil that only the Holy One knows about. What Will the four new Imori curse holders do?
A luvvy duvvy Poem i wrote with A friend. kinda sweet
Okay, this is a story about me that I wrote with my Sempai, Kelalailea. It's a story about me and my lover, Aido.
Do you think youre obsessed with Inuyasha? Well, these signs will help you make sure of it! e_X; See if they fit you! Bwahahaha.