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Random Stories

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A broken promise leads a young man to great power and eventually, ascension to Godhood.
a girl is hunted by a vampire
Three best friends. Kira, Tasha, and Manka. They all seem like a normal bunch of friends. Plain, old, 15-year-old girls. But odd things start happening. Who is this man telling them that their spies? Is he lying? Or... is he really... telling the truth?

It's been 15 years since Kairi, Sora ad Riku retured to Destiy Islands.

Sora is dead.
Riku has joined the dark side, to become young.

Kairi moved to Hollow Bastion.

Sora and Kairis Daughter now holds the keyblade.

feel like taking a challenge? Look no further and look here.
My very frist FanFic! u had Better read it!
all of my poetry, If I include someone else's work, I will mention that somewhere.
a vilanelle about death
In Unova:They run into someone,who explains a story Pokemon.They go on a life thretaning adventure with thier new friend and discover many shocking things in the process and some old friends who come into play throughout the story.
Another day, and another screw up between Inuyasha and Kagome...but this time, it might not be forgiven.
Just a little story i had dreamed up whil in math
Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing
The song in episode 30 of sailor moon where Serena/Usagi turns into a princess
A short story of destiny between a good girl who turned into a politician and a bad boy who becomes an Assassin.
This is just a little cute SokkaXToph oneshot about how Toph feels the need to be pretty for Sokka, but Sokka loves her just how she is. A bit fluffy.
A cruddy little OkiXSamickle one-shot set on Valentine's Day. Why? Because the world needs more SamXOki!
How each member of TMNT started playing instruments.
Do you think youre obsessed with Inuyasha? Well, these signs will help you make sure of it! e_X; See if they fit you! Bwahahaha.
What happens when Naruto, co, and Foxx (OC) become reall? ALl hell breaks loose-that's what!
Read this story. My friends and I are writing this. Some characters portray ourselves and our friends. It's funny. You'll like it.
This one made me lagh so much! ^_^ XD Please Comment!
This is about me and my friends, but with some original Naruto charecters