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A story of two powerful Kaiju battling it out to the death.
.::Higurashi no Naku Koro ni::. Shion muses on why Satoshi left, before she finds out her distinction wasn’t for Satoshi. Shion’s POV Song fic for Always and Never by Coheed and Cambria
read title 11 times. Repeat.
load this
feel like taking a challenge? Look no further and look here.
Recollections of a troubled past that might not have ended as well as it did.
Harry is dared by Fred, George, and Ron one night to sneak down to the kitchens and steal some food, but what he finds out is something he really didn't want to know. What is it exactly that Snape does after midnight?
I like horses and I was trying to think of somthing to put on FAC so,I thought about horses and decided,I should make a story about a horse!I hope you like it!
In an old, banished house, two girls watch a storm, and begen to see thing that were right under their noses the whole time...
This is like my Ocarina of Time: My Way but this is the manga version. It will have some Japanese phrases and is very funny. The first chapter is very cheesy but hey, just give it a shot! Enjoy!
For the pass of full years....

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Sanjay Patel and Karl Pilkington.
Atem, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Marik, Bakura and Tea form a band. this is gigs, behind the scenes, fanmail and funnies!
Lyrics and link to an acapella song I made with Vocaloid. 
Are humans unappriciative of what they have in their current day? In this fast paced society, how needy are we?
Oneshot-This is something pointless about my shy IV OC, April, and her first day of Skool and Dib. (Or some of it).
here are my naruto ocs ^^
Um...just a poem about how video games can like...completely get to your head...
but who doesnt love'm am i right :)
I have alot of annoying story

enjoy! :)

If u have any questions and/or comments please post them
Another poem about a friendship gone sour.
'nother poem...
A poem about rape or along the lines of rape yeah yet again not all that grea with summaries
Your normal 5 feet 7th grader on his way to school, only to find Chase Young fighting the monks.

What will he do?
What will happen?

read on to find out!
Inspired by Runescape.