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Random Stories

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just a story I've been writeing in my spare time plz tell me what u think ^_^
Father and Daughter
my randomly random-ness....0.o
A short one-shot about a light dragon and a griffin. Friendship, not a pairing fic.

These are my characters, of course.^^
It doesn’t end like Dib planned. Drabble Hints at ZaDR

(Dib ish PURDEH)
A strange little story about a girl imprisoned by an evil wizard
I made up my own anime about 3 sisters and here it is. hope you like it
here are my naruto ocs ^^
UPDATED 2/28/07 Added 14
For full Summery see chapter titled summery.
Aang needs a firebending teacher before time runs out. Zuko still wants to capture him. But what happens when he meets an old friend of Uncle Iroh’s and learns . . .
Still in Hong Kong, the dragon council wishes to knight Rose for her efforts against the Dark Dragon. However, she has to pass a few trials before she can accept the honor, otherwise, her memory of the magical world will be permenently erased.
A poem Ive made when I was in a fight with some -cough- and EVERYONE picked her side. Even my so called "Friends". I felt pooish. So I made this poem.
Just a little story i had dreamed up whil in math
A quick poem I wrote.
Jaggedsight lives in a forested caln called Rubyclan. Her father left when she was just a kit. Later, she meets him and is attcked by a dog. Will she ever forgive him? Will she find the one who finds the beauty inside of her? Read to find out!
This story is based on Milky Way Wishes on Kirby Super Star Ultra.


CrashSpyro6 as Luna Star Moon (me)
Bonspie (on dA) as Taylor the star warrior
Comicunsai (on dA) as Terry the new miracle matter
Kagome gets turned into a cat, and is banished from her city! She meets Inu-Yasha and his friends who were also fated to being a cat. How will she tend to her new life? (better summary inside) KagInu SanMir
A funny beach comic about Hao...
This is a story I just wrote based on one of London's folk legends about a guy named Spring Heeled Jack.  He was a prankster with odd abilities spotted many times from 1840 up until 1970 in various locations. 
For information about "Spring He
a story I did 4 my english class
Penny, the youngest of Balto's litter, is done with being overshadowed by weak Kodi for all the wrong reasons. And she's going to do something about it. //Written slightly like a tale//
A small(ish) poem about forbidden love and why should anyone care, love is love no matter what shape it takes.

enjoy <3
Sad poem I wrote when I was 11. I had this big obssession I was getting old too fast.
Anyway, here''s a story that''s based on my Bleach Forum. It starts out with Yuri, Who is Captain of Squad Three, watching her mentor being buried next to his wife. It was just his sister, Shukumei, and his daughter, Shizune left.
tails has always been seen as Sonic's little bro but what will happen when a stranger from the past comes with the sad truths of Tails past