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Random Stories

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All that i can say is this is really sad....
Another Story I wrote..
This is a story I have been working on for a while now
One FREAKISH day I was given the gift of poetry..but only for a day. So I wrote two poems, which is very rare for me. And I feel like adding to the deprived writing section of my gallery. So like..enjoy and whatnot ô-ô...
This OC is obviously based off of me, but my life was NOTHING like this Corey''s....
Just a few songs/poems that I write occasionally.
this is a story i wrote in 8th grade for an assignment... i know it ends abruptly but i kind of didn't want to finish it... sorry, blame school for this
A little poem I wrote on the spot for another site. I actually really enjoy it, even though is rushed.
heres my second book. hope you enjoy. if you didnt read the first you wont get this one. hope you enjoy!
well this is my story how u guys like it ^^
yes its the ray quiz.

uh well its the ray quiz.its basik.
When worlds collide, Jenny Wakeman and Danny Fenton meet! It first starts as hate, friendship, How can this effect on their friends and family? And what is this war about robots and ghosts? Please R&R!!! FINISHED
Same stuffs from the last one. Being in love, but having the one you feel for in the arms of another. And there's nothing you can do to warn him of the kind of person she is. (No good in any way, that she is.)
^^ hard Core band!! yes, they drop the F-Bomb a lot but eh.. not like it would hurt anyone (unless your under age)
Just random crap that I got bored with ^^ hehehe

This was also like.... 2 to 3 years old

Highlight to read it, cause I like to see you suffer

not really.....
Some deep thought given to time...It's sort of twisted and hard to understand so sorry if you got confused...
Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing
It's the story of my oc's Super NOva and Xander. Xander is eight monthes old monkey.
Jaggedsight lives in a forested caln called Rubyclan. Her father left when she was just a kit. Later, she meets him and is attcked by a dog. Will she ever forgive him? Will she find the one who finds the beauty inside of her? Read to find out!
Hn. I was thinking of Naruto, and feeling sorry for him. And wishing he was real. XD 'Cause I could be his warmth for him.
a tail of true love that has been ignored for almost a year... love which will never fade away
A luvvy duvvy Poem i wrote with A friend. kinda sweet
This it is my first Fanfic that I did, I enchant so much Final Fantasy that happened this history to me that in fact was for aid of Fanfic in FFmaniacs (not if you will know the page), and even can that happens to me just a little bit and I feel tha