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How all the Naruto peeps are interviewed by a new group of ninja journalists!
if any of you lot say he is a emo i will use ur comments to toast yaoi flavored marshmeloses
And please comment!

i'm also sorry if this offeneds anyone
Hope you like it. The series isn't really long, but I had good comments from other people. ENJOY!!!
A story about you-know-who making a comeback. Can Danny battle him and his feelings for Sam at the same time?
Atem, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Marik, Bakura and Tea form a band. this is gigs, behind the scenes, fanmail and funnies!
Many years ago,there was an elegant,mysterious dragon.This dragon could mold any clay,so he made a rare race that appeared every thousand years...And the poster...appears before the next mage is ready.Zayli...the mage...a poster,from a dear friend...
first story!YAY!hope i have lots and lots of comments^^no flaming or spamming.
A poem my friend named Xing wrote for me...he is so sweet lol...
I made up my own anime about 3 sisters and here it is. hope you like it
When worlds collide, Jenny Wakeman and Danny Fenton meet! It first starts as hate, friendship, How can this effect on their friends and family? And what is this war about robots and ghosts? Please R&R!!! FINISHED
this is the short portions! This holds Kai's life in the new generation...yeah sort of, it's still a fanfic, many of you'll think that this story is absoluely cute, addorable and's really funny in some parts, please comment, there
In case you're wondering about the title, I named it that because I came up with the poem while looking at the sapphire on my school ring. Of course, I ain't tellin' who it is ^_^
mmmmmm it was for shool and sory for that lame names its my first story.
Some deep thought given to time...It's sort of twisted and hard to understand so sorry if you got confused...
The usual here, just more of meh stuff.
if loving the night is wrong if loving those who can not love themselves is wrong. . . God Forgive Me but it's just not right
Sunpelt faces more dangers than he ever imagined when traveling with friends.
a tail of true love that has been ignored for almost a year... love which will never fade away
yo y mi pasion por antauri
In the Heart of Life, every thing shines from the Miracle of the World... at last, a young warrior understands the magic of bonds, and, of the one uniting him to his brother-in-arm... [Eliwood x Hector] (implied Eliwood x Ninian and Lyn x Ninian)
this is my first story in english.. i uploaded it earlier.. but this is a version in better english:P

dwayne a.k.a Seiji-kun