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Reign Lakes, the first ever female knightmaster of the kingdom of Gervdel.

[ Under Construction ]
Ayaka broke up with Hiro. Shuichi tries to comfort his friend but it doesn't help but hurts not Hiro but Shuichi. What will Yuki do to help his lil pink haired baka and what will he finally realize? May contain some spoilers but unsure right now.
When playing a trick on the Mew Mews, the aliens and the rest of the cast are sent to a deserted island where friends become enemies and foes become friends!
This is just a litle something I hougth of. What if Clay Aiken realy adopted a young asian girl?
another parody of a moive. you might like this story if you a fan or like hiei and botan couples. oh and for kurama fans i know his character dies i don't hate kurama i just figure that would a diffrent role for kurama.
Japanese anime short story, 13 year old boy "dreams a magical journey"
goood short story/ music video idea
Time to write one of Raven's dark poems...

Not as horrible as it sounds.
FullMetal Alchemist characters in a chatroom!!! MADNESS AHEAD(this is my first fic go easy on me)
Kuzai: FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! The last chapter. XD Enjoy. ^-^
A story about you-know-who making a comeback. Can Danny battle him and his feelings for Sam at the same time?
It doesn’t end like Dib planned. Drabble Hints at ZaDR

(Dib ish PURDEH)
Stupid quotes from family, friends, myself, manga, anime and movies!
For you my love
Lyrics and link to an acapella song I made with Vocaloid. 
well this is my story how u guys like it ^^
An old story all about one of my favorite character.
The First Undercover Detective story by AgentC. Hopefully more to come...
Just a few tips for those of you who are having problems with chain letters, flamers, ETC. ^^
this story goes with the picture "time to kill"
A very funny, sad, melancolly story of my friend Taylor, she reads. its all fake though, we made it up when she sat alone on the bus one day. please read.
A poem about Sasuke. No it doesnt rhyme.
A story that tell the true story of Haku and my life.

Please Read And Comment!
A funny beach comic about Hao...