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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Joshua Fireseed learns the truth of his Turok lineage and will bear the burden that comes with it.
Casey Jones is talked into tagging along with April on her assignments. He's looking to break something and she needs protecting. Based off the 1987 series.
One stormy night Flow seeks shelter in an old tatty truck, where she witnesses what she believes to be a murder!
In fear she flees for her life, hotly pursued by a seemingly crazy trucker who is determined to make sure she never completes her journey!
Horror Thriller the swing
Different missions and endings to GTA3, all involving Claude
As Sarah goes back to collage, Kage-Maru goes with her. With the Hagakure clan gone, Kage finds another group who can make use of his skills. But for Kage, it’s all for Sarah.
A story about my Mario OC, Max..

NO RIVERCLAN OCs... sorry -w-
A Warriors fanfic about my OC, Silverstreak.

Couldn''t think of a decent title XD
Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix......Only from Selena Beauxbaton''s point of view....SO really it''s.....
Selena Beauxbaton and the order of the pheonix. Or something like that, enjoy.
I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh on TV the other day and started writing about Duelist Kingdom with Hakura in it... Enjoy.
I was already making a Christmas story and I got an idea to make a Naruto Christmas story and I thought ''''I''''d love to see how Mikura and Ryu would survive a first Christmas with their kids, Anako and Jiro.'''' Enjoy.
Ashira travels the worlds with Sora, Donald and Goofy in search of her daughter who was taken from her by a man by the name of Ramenses. She meets a girl named Hannah and King Mickey and they join. Follow along in her adventure''s.

Poems I write that don''t really have a category
The sisters nine. Nine sister who''ve stuck together through everything. Kaika, the eldest sister, is the leader of the group. These sisters aren''t ordinary, they have a secret that no one else knows, except for those they bring into their world.
Just my view of love
A One-shot for R.R.

Senshi has been putting thoughts in Jay's head. It's up to Danny to make her think differently.
Just a little RP Rei_Anul_sama and I have been working on with our OC’s…Explicit yaoi, so BE WARNED!!!
Anyway hope you enjoy XD…Go check Rei’s work out to *points evil finger of doom*
This is a short story of the origin of Indrid Cold, and Mothman.
I read the books on Mothman really carefully and even the original articles from 1966-67.
Sorry about my writting I'm not really good! LOL

That's right ask the IV characters ANYTHING! From the demented mind of Sable&Lexi
The Akatsuki are having a "small" party in honor of a good years work!
(If I forgot anyone don't be mad)
A number of funny things that you can do at school!
this is a funny ToS fic that me and my best friend wrote on her birthday. it is completely insane and hilarious. enjoy. =^_^=
these are the diaries of Kai and Tala. *snicker* they are related to a fic that i am going to write (eventually) that basically follows the Beyblade anime series but with a few changes.
Shonen-Ai/Slash. ONE-SHOT. For Alicifer. Touch those you hold dearest to yourself, and never let them go...