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A description of my Sonic OC, Ekyt, whom I haven't used in years! I'm reviving him for two stories, one of which is a co-op fic with my friend, Shadowthe_Hedgehog!
A story I'm writing following the life of Sabrina Lore Evans. Young 16 year old moving in with her uncle and his family  to go to a richer, i mean better school. ((Ratings will change as the story goes on ))
I'mma just put all my random short stories here.
My OC and Sakura both overcome some swimsuit shyness, with a little help from Naruto. Simple little one-shot to kick off summer!
Just a poem I wrote a few minutes ago cause I felt crappy and had to get emotions out.
Last one shot i'm submitting today haha. Pairing is again RusAme.
Another one shot. Pairing RusAme, Super short.
Just a one shot. Pairing is AmeCan or America and Canada. or Alfred and Matthew.
A brief love story between my OC, Yuji, and Sakura. Their love comes about in a very different way than my previous fics. Please comment and enjoy!
Poetery/ Stories I worked on/am currently working on for creative writing. 

I hope you all enjoy!
Alt Title: The Lord and the Vampire

A Fairy Tale of a Vampire,a Lord and how they met. Might do more like these some day. Contains Sarcasm,fluff,old fashion-y writing style and comical amounts of abuse.
It was requested from a friend.
A fatalistic boy meets a similar girl, and an attraction just sort of happens. Kept my usual OC names.
An incident affects the future of Deep Space Nine. This future must be avoided at all costs. One man who has lost everything will be the one to end the threat this future poses- at any cost.
What if Haruhi had read Shakugan no Shana and thought, just for a moment, of what would happen if Flame Hazes were real?
A mix of Shakugan no Shana and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Hollow always knew he was different, but when he meets the royalty from the other islands,they all quickly learn that the wrath of the gods has fallen on them and its now up to them to save the islands.
This has been in the works for a while.

Full view image here:
Pre-BbS, twoshot. TerraXAquaXVen Friendship.

Who''''s to say that dreams and nightmares aren''''t as real as the here and now?
So, the start of the new series. Based around Monday Night Combat. So, the template you can copy and you can check the FNA Lists to see the available spaces. I shall go over it, and then tell you if it''s list-worthy or not. So, enjoy.
Final part in my Space Bridge trilogy.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
Gundog (c) Direwolf505
Blue Falcon (c) countramsely
Roadtrain (c) Flankfire
Everything else (c) me
Oh man, you''ve got''ve been seeing this one coming.XD

All characters belong to everyone who owns them.
A story about Edward.
Nothing more.

This = Voices
This = Edward''''s thoughts
CAPS = Screams and stuff ofc
Following the events of twenty years prior, a "Cult of Gongora" had emerged, causing chaos around the world. Chief Inspector Jien Austere has apprehended its leader and prepares to lead him to Uhra to receive justice.