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This is a contest where you can adopt a puppy!

Rules:I will describe what the puppy looks like,their gender their and their past.You have to draw a picture of them and if it is good than you can adopt the puppy.
Cory and Jack take music lessons to impress their girls.
this is based on a true story, my first boyfriend was a boy i met in a tree, we went through so much together and the first kiss was special for him and me, it was at sunset over looking a lake, i still cry just thinking about it. hope you like it.
Thank you Mizy for the inspirational pics:

Check out Mizy's artwork:
Dillon's never been big on the whole 'work' thing. He's more of a...seduce and steal type. So spotting a lovesick rich boy didn't help much. Will things go far or just far enough?
Its a story i made up! this is only the first chapter!
its a lot of writing xD and it has realistic deaths...the base part of the story isn't even done yet xD so u cant make a summary of it from the first chapter xD
"The gang are celebrating Halloween and are not impressed when things aren't as scary as they should be."
Naomi's perspective.
Maybe something would happen. Although I always wondered, I never thought it actually would, but I was mistaken.
Yeah... I wrote this a while ago and didn't get around to typing it up till now. Beware, it is very random. Uhm, it's not very realistic, so don't get caught too confused by details.
Its about a boy who gets a demon sealed inside him plus his clan gets killed before his very own eyes. the boy devotes his life to find and kill whos responsible for the murder of his clan.
Patrick Had Allways Had A Suppressed Fear of Flying. I Guess We Know That Now.
What lies behind his eyes?
In my eyes what will he see?
Songfic 2 the song Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne.
Ok I Had Yet Another Random Idea Pop Into My Uncontrollable Crazy Mind. So I Hope You Like It.
P.S Its A Bit Like Boy/Girl Thing, Just More Kingdom Hearty. ^-^
Poor Poor Jenny. The guardian angel who only one boy can see, the boy she cares for. Something dredful will happen
A short story of destiny between a good girl who turned into a politician and a bad boy who becomes an Assassin.
its about sonic and amy and kirby
its pretty funny well please comment
A boy, a girl, a romance at an end...
Heey yall!! I'm gunna try and redo the story^^ No offence, but my 11year old writing sucked!!!! So, enjoy the edits! (working hard on every chapter today =D)
His little sister, the only person who had ever been kind to him, had once told him this: when a star falls, it means that a soul has gone to God.
again just a song my 2 song please comment please
Exactly what the Title is
K, I think this story will be REALLY good. I can't wait 'till I finish the story! Hope you enjoy!
An orphaned boy and rumored killer, Jerome tries to escape a dangerouse gang out on the streets.