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This is too big for a blog in my opinion, plus people hardly read my blogs. But I want this to be heard.

No flames cause I dont smack you for your opinion do i?
A poem about Sasuke. No it doesnt rhyme.
Inspired by a story by Lady_Nightmare; this is amusing ways to mess with the FF7 gang.
It seems that blood soaked chapter of the invasion on Demonic''''s organization is ready to be forgotten. However, one refuses to forget, much less, to forgive.
See Capter 0
A girl captured by the Organization to use against Sora tries to escape.
It''''s been 5 years since the Dark Lord has fallen. The war was heavy on many, especially heroes Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. But can a chance of fate once again mend their lives to how it used to be?
Lisa has been Kidnapped....lets read on to find out who an why an stuffs ! :)
This is my first attempt at a fan-fiction and I don't consider myself a good writer so help me by giving me constructive critsism please >.<
This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
(Title = With These Words) A home for all my anime OC plot bunnies... I think it's time to put them down! Something happened that deleted all the story bodies, so it's a bit screwed up, but I'm replacing chapters as fast as I can!
Experimenting with combining poetry, dairy writing, and song lyrics (not my own!). A way of expressing mixed feelings in a different type of way.
Kuzai: So treat your girl with the love and respect she deserves.
Hope dat you don't mind me using your picture Luth. ^^;
It just seemed perfect is all. ^^;

Picture is (c) Luthien

Poem is (c) to me.
Join Kairi, Aqua, Trinity, Pai and Kioko on an all-new adventure where Kairi meets new guys, new friends, and a few new enimies!
When trouble hits tokyo, Kairi figures out that she is a senshi of the stars! Even with Kairi's guts, does she have what it takes to be a senshi?
I'm reeeeeeally bored, so I'm gonna write down the lyrics (and possibly the translations if I have them) of my favourite anime songs! Fear them.
In a barren land, three boys must rise to defeat the evil forces.
For millions of years the Autobots and Decepticons have fought endless battles and a member from each side is finally tired of them; so they decide to do something about it. ThunderCrackerxOC and sides of others.
These are my OC's and their pairing, also the people who support them! :D
She's an angel shot down from the sky. KisameTeneka Oneshot
A poem my friend wrote for another's recent death.
Title explains itself, read on if you want.
[WIP] Right & Wrong. We all like to think we know the difference, but when that line is blurred and your world isn't the same as it was yesterday, what beliefs would you forfeit, to protect all you thought you could never have? [Brad & Trixie]