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Well, this is my Inuyasha fan-fic rewrite.

Hope you all enjoy.
I''m just trying to invent 2 characters/personalities to write about for school stories, ect.
Follow Camille and Caye Xinnex on a daring adventure that leads to a power no Jedi or Sith have ever seen before...

STAR WARS copyrighted by Lucasfilms and George Lucas
Characters owned by me, thank you very much
I''m crazy bored right now. So i decided to randomly come back and make a story
When the Elrics are brought to a nervous-racked town, their mission goes wrong and they spot a girl hurriedly attempting to leave the crowd. What is she doing, and why does she seem to pop up every time they get into serious trouble?
These are my digimon and digidestined chararacter songs.
A story that seems like a rip-off of Sonic Heroes (NOTE: My Custom character makes up for the fact that there is no flying character.)
This is the place to go if you want to read any of my character's bios...
Sora; a girl fighting to be Shaman King became friends with Yoh and the gang when Ren fights her, but what past does Trey and her have together? Now she joins Yoh in the fight to be Shaman King. Will she make it or die trying? And what does her name mean?
Kurama's sister Hinata is smarter then she seems when she confronts him about knowing something is going on with him and his 'friends'. She also says that she knows that he's a demon or part of 1 at least. Did she bite off more then she can chew?
Yusuke saves a girl from an attacking demon. Now the gang wants to know how she could even see the demon in the first place. What do they find out as they come to know the mysterious girl? What secrets does she have and how can they help the gang?
Her name is Ellin Hime and she's the youngest state alchemist. Being the bold girl that she is; she just walks into Colonel Mustang's office only to see someone that she thought was dead standing there. Who is this person and does he remember her?
Meg has a secret that she's been able to keep hidden for 4 years.If anyone finds out about her secret she won't be able to be a ninja anymore.What happens when she becomes a genin and is put on a team with 3 other people.Will they find out her secret?
Yu Yu Hakusho X InuYasha. Alex is a girl with only 1 special power. That power is to pass through the well at the Higurashi Shine. But what happens when Alex runs into Kagome on the other side of the well? And how did Yusuke and Kuwabara get here?
Koenma has given Hiei a mission to take care of a 4 year old half demon named Kana. Hiei is furious about the idea but has no choice but to accept the new mission. Will Hiei be able to accept the fact that Kana will always be there?
Shanna a 15 year old wolf demon who lives in human world. What happens when Koenma finds out that she's there and the only way she can stay in human world is to help him whenever he needs it? What missions will she go on and who will she meet?
There's a girl in Konoha with Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro for the Chuunin Exams. Her name is Teki. Now 1 question. What's happened between her and Sasuke Uchiha? What happened 5 years ago? What secrets do Teki and Sasuke have that they haven't shared?
Emi Toshiko is a twenty year old detective on the KIRA case. Later, she finds out that the infamous L is on the same case and he wants to work with her.
Hey, everyone. This is the profile of my Kokiri character from Legend of Zelda: The Legion Hero, a Zelda-themed Role Playing board that I Co-Administrate. You can follow her continuing adventures there.
A girl makes friends with the Pharaoh of Egypt and all things go wrong once the famous Thief King discovers their relationship.
my next story this story is like the life of sonic the hedgehog but no one die and i made a new character sky the fox who tails fall in love with my 11 story
Ever wanted to know about my characters but never had a good bio to go off of? Well I am going to be making profiles for my characters now so incase people want to draw them.
All Characters © Jennifer Crenshaw (Me) do not claim them as your own crea
What happens when Jak gets killed? The worst day of Daxter's life. Warning: Sad.
Andrew Champion is given a "free-will" project, a weeklong assignment that tests one's ability to make strong choices. Saddled with loudmouthed friends, an unattainable crush, and the geekiest girl in school as a partner, he'll walk a rocky road.