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Sonic and the gang travel to a hotel where they are sure that a certain villain has traveled to with his new accomplice. To find out what's going on, they need to disguise themselves (and test their characters) in a way they never have before. But not without running into more trouble along the way.
Sonic and friends escape from the circus and our favorite speedster and his pals become spellcasters at a magic school.
Auggie likes Hiei. He's more worried about an ingrown toenail.

Submitted for the Random Valentine on DeviantArt for user TBRae and her OC.
Biographies of my OC's.  (Subject to change)
i'm just putting it hear cause i can't get on Hotmail to save it I'll finish it tomorrow so don't read it.

I never submitted it before because I never finished it.

This was written back when my Camp Lazlo OC Emma was called Claire and was just a shy little girl with a bunny soft toy, BEFORE she became a little bit of a self insert.

I never submitted it before because I never finished it.
Two new dragons join the temple: Light and Darkness. Chase plans to use darkness to his advantage and tear the two apart. Based after 'Time After Time'. ChasexOC JackxOC OCxOC
finland proposes to the north pole in the sauna.
Follow Camille and Caye Xinnex on a daring adventure that leads to a power no Jedi or Sith have ever seen before...

STAR WARS copyrighted by Lucasfilms and George Lucas
Characters owned by me, thank you very much
Hiei is off duty from the Makai Patrol until he saved a girl from an attack, then he has a lot to find out... Pairings: HieiOC, YusukeKeiko, KuramaMaya from the YYH manga or Botan...still deciding... , KuwabaraYukina..
yeah this is just info on my oc''s. mostly yugioh.
A girl captured by the Organization to use against Sora tries to escape.
"They Say the moon is like a gypsy, She casts a spell and then she''s gone, we all know life is strange, everything can change with the dawn,"- As Long As there''s a Moon (deleted song from the Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Oh man, you''ve got''ve been seeing this one coming.XD

All characters belong to everyone who owns them.
Don't read. The story is stupid and I wrote it at midnight, when I was half-asleep. Read if you must. Comment before faving to tell me why the hell you think this story is good.
yep thats right! ZAoTSAM is writing fillers for NATM with two new characters: Thema and Rehema!
Onyx and his friends are back! only this time a new evil aproaches and threatining Emerald Cove: Paradise of All Sonic OC's.
Everything is fine. Until Danny, and his friends go the the market. Strange things begin happening in all different worlds. What will happen to the worlds, and the people that live there?
A collection of random one-shots.

basically just random stories involving those in HN and sonic and friends. stories will be added whenever i can ^^

i'm taking ocs and story ideas, so go crazy ^^
Kim's life was normal (that’s what she thinks) but was changed after encountering a mysterious being deep inside the forest. It was then she realized that breaking the house rules lead her to a new discovery that was kept from her by her parents.
How to be mean to Oliver Wood.
Example 906789: Call him Woody Boy
Example 100000: Do fall in love with him and profess that love at random times in Snape's class (do not try will result in detention)
Oliver/Occ main pairing
a story based on the twilight seires i hav designed some new chacters you can find images of thes on my gallery, its a work in progress my typings not great anyways its bout a vampire called tomas an a were wolf called jade... enjoy
A sinful Goddess is shrunken into an infant and has her memories erased. She is forced to live a life on Earth among the humans, until she has proven she has mended her evil heart. OCxMarik. Contains Mild Language